Randomized Controlled Trial
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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 28, 2015; 21(12): 3663-3670
Published online Mar 28, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i12.3663
Table 1 Demographics in contrasting inflammatory bowel disease cohorts
FMC (n = 337)Private (n = 91)Darwin (n = 35)P value
Mean age respondents (yr)50.352.248.40.35
Mean age non respondents (yr)
Female respondents60.2%60.4%60%0.99
Female non respondents55.7%52.4%40.7%0.07
Crohn’s disease55.2%57.1%48.6%0.70
Indigenous subjects0.9%1.1%2.9%0.37
Current smokers11.1%13.6%17.1%0.09
Previous smokers25.8%25.0%42.9%0.09
Receiving disability support pension1.8%1.1%5.7%0.006
Currently partnered92.295.393.30.61
Table 2 Distribution of complementary and alternative therapy types reported by inflammatory bowel disease subjects
Primary (first mentioned) CAM typePercentage of total CAM reported overall
Herbal products (e.g., slippery elm, aloe vera juice, olive oil extract, green lipped mussel oil, other herbs)30.50%
Fish oil12.10%
Chinese medicine10.50%
Acupuncture, massage, magnetism10.50%
Other (prayer, meditation, exercise, dietary supplements, hypnotherapy)13.70%
Table 3 Attitudinal and behavioural associations of regular complementary and alternative therapy use - univariate analysis n (%)
Regular CAM use
P value
Deliberate dose reductionNo197 (61.4)124 (38.6)< 0.001
Yes46 (38.7)73 (61.3)
Family or friends use alternative treatmentsNo88 (55.0)72 (45.0)0.004
Yes85 (40.1)127 (59.9)
Experienced adverse effects conventional IBD medsNo89 (59.7)60 (40.3)0.025
Yes129 (48.3)138 (51.7)
Satisfied with communication with IBD doctorNo1 (9.1)10 (90.9)0.002
Yes246 (55.7)196 (44.3)
Previous psychological counsellingNo197 (61.6)123 (38.4)< 0.001
Yes49 (38.0)80 (62.0)
Table 4 Anxiety, depression, quality of life and personality traits in users vs non users of cam in inflammatory bowel disease - univariate analysis
Regular CAM useMeanSDSE2 tailed P value
Anxiety (HADS)No8.33123.507500.090320.017
Depression (HADS)No6.87742.851050.073540.002
SIBDQNo56.01529.712820.25137< 0.001
Trait anxietyNo21.00422.530880.065390.341
Trait curiosityNo25.8316.133070.158360.916
Trait angerNo11.38373.939710.101690.385
Trait depressionNo18.99603.595680.092930.744
Table 5 Independent attitudinal predictors of regular complementary and alternative therapy use in inflammatory bowel disease - logistic regression analysis
Odds ratio95%CIP value
Covert dose reduction2.5882.135-3.138< 0.001
Seeking psychological treatment1.8881.563-2.280< 0.001
Family and friends are regular CAM users1.7101.434-2.044< 0.001
Dissatisfied with doctor communication1.5611.304-1.869< 0.001
Adverse effects conventional medications1.2081.006-1.4670.043
Depression (HADS)0.9100.878-0.943< 0.001
Quality of life (SIBDQ)1.0221.011-1.032< 0.001