Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 21, 2015; 21(11): 3376-3379
Published online Mar 21, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i11.3376
Table 1 Demonstrating cases of myocarditis presenting in ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease not thought to be related to viral aetiology, inflammatory bowel disease treatment, selenium deficiency or TPN
Case reportBrief summary
Ulcerative colitis
[7]Fatal giant cell myocarditis after colectomy for ulcerative colitis
[8]Idiopathic giant-cell myocarditis-natural history and treatment. Describes two cases of myocarditis in ulcerative colitis
[9]Giant cell myocarditis monocytic immunophenotype of giant cells in a case associated with ulcerative colitis
[10]Ulcerative colitis complicated by myopericarditis and complete artioventricular block
[11]Myopericarditis complicating ulcerative colitis
[12]Acute peri-myocarditis in ulcerative colitis
[13]Transient myocarditis associated with fulminant colitis
[14]Giant cell myocarditis (subacute congestive heart failure in context of colitis)
[15]Fatal giant-cell myocarditis complicated with ulcerative colitis
Crohn’s Disease
[16]A Case of Acute Myocarditis as the Initial Presentation of Crohn's Disease
[8]Idiopathic giant-cell myocarditis-natural history and treatment. Describes one case of myocarditis in crohn’s disease
[17]Transmural inflammation consisting of lymphocytic infiltration in context of severe malnutrition leading to sudden death in Crohn´s Disease
[18]Myocarditis and subcutaneous granulomas in a patient with Cohn’s disease of the colon
[19]Myocarditis in children with inflammatory bowel disease