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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 21, 2015; 21(11): 3351-3360
Published online Mar 21, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i11.3351
Table 1 Summarized details of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography detections and overall methodological quality of included studies
Ref.YearPatients, nAssay methodAssay systemAssay results
Quality score
Hochwald et al[42]199848MRCP, ERCP1.5 T machine1931251511
Boraschi et al[43]1999278MRCP, ERCP1.5 T MR unit71551971611
de Lédinghen et al[44]199932EUS, MRCP, ERCP1 T system1060162013
Lomas et al[45]199969MRCP, ERCP1.5 T MR system92058139
Varghese et al[46]1999100MRCP, ERCP1.5 GE unit2812691712
Stiris et al[47]200050MRCP, ERCP1.0 T2814171712
Taylor et al[48]2002129MRCP, ERCP1.5 T MR system4591741812
Topal et al[49]200369MRCP, ERCP1.5 T MR system1801501410
Kejriwal et al[50]200481MRCP, ERCPVision 1.5T MRI2012581310
Simone et al[51]200465MRCP, ERCP, IOC1.0 T gyroscan NT136838139
Dalton et al[52]200569MRCP, ERCP, IOC1.5 T MR unit162150117
Hallal et al[53]200527MRCP, ERCP, IOCUnknown420211410
Kondo et al[54]200528EUS, MRCP, HCT-C1.5 T MR system211331813
Moon et al[55]200529IDUS, MRCP, ERCP1.5T MR system161481711
Okada et al[56]200540CTCh, MRCP1.5 T system123322139
Shanmugam et al[57]2005221MRCP, ERCP, EUS0.5 T MRI971921031814
De Waele et al[58]2007104MRCP, ERCP, EUS1.5 T unit1924791611
Schmidt et al[59]200757MRCP, ERCP, EUS1 T magnet1725331510
Hekimoglu et al[60]2008269MRCP, ERCP1.5 T unit16022511914
Nandalur et al[61]200895MRCP, ERCP1.5 T system2117661813
Norero et al[62]2008125MRCP, ERCP, CT1.5 T MR system83103291511
Srinivasa et al[63]2010117MRCP, ERCP, IOCSiemens Vision 1.5 T15281021612
Bilgin et al[64]2012108MRCP, ERCP, IOC1.5 T MR scanner2836711611
Zhang et al[65]201270MRCP, MDCT1.5 T MR system1921481813
Mandelia et al[66]201330MRCP, USG1.5 T MR system191191712
Table 2 Additional characteristics of patients and methodologies in the included studies
Ref.YearCountryCBD/N-CBD, nReference standardCross-sectional designConsecutive or random samplingBlinded designProspective design
Hochwald et al[42]1998United States20/28ERCPNoYesNoNo
Boraschi et al[43]1999Italy76/202ERCP, PTC, IOCNoYesNoNo
de Lédinghen et al[44]1999France10/-22ERCP, IOCYesYesYesYes
Lomas et al[45]1999United Kingdom9/60ERCPNoYesNoYes
Varghese et al[46]1999Ireland30/70ERCPNoYesYesYes
Stiris et al[47]2000Norway32/18ERCPYesYesYesYes
Taylor et al[48]2002Australia46/83ERCPYesYesYesYes
Topal et al[49]2003Belgium19/50ERCP, IOCNoYesNoNo
Kejriwal et al[50]2004New Zealand22/59ERCPNoYesNoNo
Simone et al[51]2004France21/44ERCP, IOCNoYesYesYes
Dalton et al[52]2005United Kingdom17/52ERCP, IOCNoYesNoYes
Hallal et al[53]2005United States4/-23IOCYesYesYesYes
Kondo et al[54]2005Japan24/-4ERCPYesYesYesYes
Moon et al[55]2005South Korea20/-9ERCP, IDUSNoYesYesYes
Okada et al[56]2005Japan15/25IOCNoYesYesNo
Shanmugam et al[57]2005United Kingdom99/122ERCP, IOCYesYesNoNo
De Waele et al[58]2007Belgium23/81ERCP, IOCNoYesNoYes
Schmidt et al[59]2007Switzerland22/35EUS, ERCPNoYesNoYes
Hekimoglu et al[60]2008Turkey18/251ERCPNoYesYesYes
Nandalur et al[61]2008United States28/67ERCP, PTCYesYesNoNo
Norero et al[62]2008Chile86/39ERCPNoYesNoNo
Srinivasa et al[63]2010Australia23/104ERCP, IOCNoYesNoNo
Bilgin et al[64]2012Turkey, Germany34/74ERCP, PTCNoYesNoNo
Zhang et al[65]2012China20/50MDCTNoYesYesNo
Mandelia et al[66]2013India20/-10ERCPNoYesNoYes
Table 3 Weighted meta-regression for the effects of design, methods and quality of studies on diagnostic accuracy of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography detections
CovariateStudies (n)CoefficientRDOR (95%CI)P value
QUADAS ≥ 10210.08301.09 (0.14-8.50)0.9334
STARD ≥ 13231.51004.53 (0.51-40.21)0.1637
Prospective design140.12601.13 (0.27-4.82)0.8564
Cross-sectional design70.09801.10 (0.24-5.06)0.8936
Blinded design11-0.68500.50 (0.13-2.02)0.3130
Consecutive/random sampling25---