Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 21, 2013; 19(31): 5199-5203
Published online Aug 21, 2013. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v19.i31.5199
Table 1 Summary of patients with isolated splenic metastasis from gastric carcinoma treated by splenectomy
No.SourceGender/age (yr)Primary gastric carcinoma
Splenic metastasis
CT appearanceSurvival time (mo)/status/tumor dissemination
Location1Histology2Interval3(mo)Other involvementSuggested route
1Takebayashi et al[10]F/64U, MPor, T3, n1, M10LNsLymphaticNS3/dead/lung
2Fujita et al[11]F/75RTub, T4, n3, M10LNsHematogenousNSNS
3Mori et al[12]M/49RTub, T3, n3, M10LNsHematogenousNS12/alive/NS
4Okuno et al[13]M/56U, MPor, T3, n2, M10LNs and peritoneumLymphaticNS1/dead/peritoneum, bone, pancreas, adrenal, liver
5Sakamoto et al[14]M/67U, MTub, T4, n2, M10LNsHematogenousNS8/dead/liver
6Ishida et al[15]M/65UPor, T2, n2, M10LNsNSNS5/dead/tumor embolism of portal vein
7Lu et al[16]M/59UHepatoid AC, T40LNsNSHeterogenous low-density lesions18/alive/liver
8Ikeda et al[17]M/57UPor, T3, n1, M017NoneNSNS15/alive/ NS
9Shirai et al[18]M/63MPap, T1, n0, M033NoneHematogenousNS20/alive/ NS
10Tatsusawa et al[19]M/54MTub, T2, n2, M0102NoneHematogenousNSNS
11Takahashi et al[20]M/64LTub, T2, n3, M016NoneHematogenousNS7/dead/liver, lung
12Opocher et al[4]F/76LTub, T2, N0, M057NoneHematogenousRound cystic area with fluid content13/alive/none
13Opocher et al[4]M/66NSPor, T2, N1, M036NoneHematogenousNS14/alive/none
14Williams et al[5]M/69UAC43NoneNSSoft tissue mass with cacificationNS
15Yamanouchi et al[8]M/69LTub, T2, N1, M048NoneHematogenous?Low-density area40/dead/liver, peritoneum
16Sunitsch et al[21]F/80L, RPor, T1, N0, M0;37NoneNSNSNS
tp, T1, N0, M0
17Kawasaki et al[22]M/76UPap, T1, N1, M012NoneHematogenous?Low-density lesion24/alive/none
18Zhou et al[23]M/76UTub36NoneNSNS30/alive/none