Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 21, 2013; 19(31): 5182-5186
Published online Aug 21, 2013. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v19.i31.5182
Table 1 Reported cases of pancreatic duct drainage using endoscopic ultrasonography-guided rendezvous technique for stenosis of after pancreticojejunostomy
Ref.nAge (yr)/sexIndicationPancreatic ductSuccessReasons for failurePostoperative period (yr)
Kikuyama et al[4]1972/MARPN/AN/A
Mallery et al[7]135/FARPNon dilatedYes4
255/MChronic pancreaticocutaneous fistulaNon dilatedNoFailed guidewire passage1
Kinney et al[8]3ARPNo
5ARP, pancreatic stoneYesFailed pancreatic
6ARP, pancreatic stoneYesduct puncture
7N/AARP, chronic painN/AYes(in two patients)N/A
8ARP, chronic painYes
9ARP, chronic painNoFailed guidewire passage
10Chronic pancreaticocutaneous fistulaNo(in three patients)
11Inwardly migrated surgical stent with recurrent pancreatitisNo
Barkay et al[9]1236/FIPMNDilatedNoFailed guidewire passage
1422/FCP, pancreatic divisumDilatedNoFailed guidewire passage
1554/FCPNon dilatedNoFailed guidewire passageN/A
1653/MIPMNDilatedNoFailed guidewire passage
1767/MIPMNDilatedNoFailed guidewire passage
DeWitt et al[10]2225/FChronic painDilatedNoFailed guidewire passageN/A
Itoi et al[11]2366/MARPDilatedYes12