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World J Gastroenterol. Feb 28, 2012; 18(8): 794-799
Published online Feb 28, 2012. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i8.794
Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the two groups n (%)
First groupSecond group (control)P value
Sex, male/female11/1411/1413
Median age (yr)71 (range 49-89)76 (range 44-94)0.494
ERCP indication
Stent removal4 (16)-
Biliary colic5 (20)17 (68)0.013
Biliary pancreatitis1 (4)2 (8)
Acute cholangitis15 (60)6 (24)
Previous biliary operation119 (76)6 (24)0.0013
Dilated bile ducts (ultrasound)14 (56)18 (72)0.233
Median time from ES (mo)242 (range 8-144)-
Table 2 Diagnostic categories for cytologic diagnosis
Cytological gradeDefinition
UnsatisfactoryNo diagnostic specimen: acellular or hypocellular;
Smears too thick, containing blood, obscured by inflammation or air-drying artefacts
Negative for malignancyAdequate cellular specimens containing benign cells consistent with normal elements of the target organ
Atypical/indeterminateMinimally abnormal cellular findings that most likely represent reactive/reparative and inflammatory type changes; Malignancy is unlikely but cannot be completely ruled out
Suspicious for malignancyCytologic specimens exhibit abnormal cellular findings that display some, but not all, of the features of malignancy; Specimens containing highly abnormal cells in very limited numbers
Positive for malignancyUnquestionable cellular features of malignancy
Table 3 Comparative analysis of the two groups n (%)
First groupSecond group (control)P value
Cytologic evaluation
Atypical8 (32)2 (8)0.0342
Negative17 (68)23 (92)
Stone extraction on ERCP13 (52)16 (64)0.392
Dilated bile ducts1 without lithiasis on ERCP8 (32)7 (28)0.752
p53 immunocytology Positive20
Table 4 Subgroup analysis of the patients with atypia vs all others n (%)
Atypical/indeterminateNegative for malignancyP value
Median age (yr)69.5 (SD = 11.3)74.5 (SD = 12.1)0.262
Sex, male/female3/720/200.251
Previous ES8 (80)17 (42)0.0341
Acute cholangitis5 (50)16 (40)0.561
Previous biliary operation6 (60)19 (47)0.481
Stone extraction5 (50)22 (55)0.771
Dilated bile ducts without lithiasis on ERCP4 (40)18 (45)0.781
p53 immunocytology
Table 5 Patients with positive p53 immunocytology
SexAge (yr)Indication ERCPPrevious biliary operationStone extractionCytological evaluationTime from ES (mo)Negative1 follow-up
Patient 1Female49Acute cholangitisYes (open cholecystectomy)NoAtypia183 yr 5 mo
Patient 2Female54Stent removalYes (open cholecystectomy)YesAtypia253 yr 6 mo