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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2010; 16(19): 2435-2439
Published online May 21, 2010. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v16.i19.2435
Table 1 Description of studies included in pooled analysis
StudyCountryStudy typeSeverity of alcoholic hepatitisPlacebo sizeMean ageGender (M/F)Active therapyTherapeutic timeFollow-up timeDeath (1-mo/overall)
Helman et al[24], 1971USSingle centerUnclassified1747.7NAPrednisolone4 wk3 moNA/6
Blitzer et al[25], 1977USSingle centerUnclassified1648.4NAPrednisolone26 d9 wkNA/5
Maddrey et al[26], 1978USSingle centerModerate to severe3142.323/8Prednisolone28-32 d4 wk 6/6
Baker et al[27], 1981USSingle centerUnclassified2541.013/12Insulin/glucagon3 wk3 wkNA/6
Hallé et al[28], 1982USSingle centerSevere3638.932/4Propylthiouracil6 wk8 wk 7/7
Mendenhall et al[29], 1984USMulti-centerModerate to severe8850.4NAOxandrolone and prednisolone1 mo2 yrNA/50
Fehér et al[30], 1987Hungary and SpainMulti-centerUnclassified3346.018/15Insulin/glucagon3 wk3 wkNA/14
Carithers et al[31], 1989USMulti-centerSevere3144.421/10Methylprednisolone4 wk4 wk 11/11
Trinchet et al[32], 1989BelgiqueMulti-centerUnclassified3452.017/17Colchicine6 mo6 mo 0/0
Akriviadis et al[33], 1990USSingle centerSevere3640.825/11Colchicine1 mo4 mo 6/8
Panos et al[34], 1990UKSingle centerUnclassified5149.322/29Polyunsaturated phosphatidyl choline2 yr2 yrNA/20
Bird et al[35], 1991UKSingle centerSevere4351.016/14Insulin/glucagon3 wk6 mo 14/15
Mezey et al[36], 1991SpainMulti-centerSevere2643.712/14Amino acid suppl.3 wk23 mo 5/16
Ramond et al[23], 1992FranceMulti-centerSevere2948.29/20Prednisolone4 wk6 moNA/16
Trinchet et al[37], 1992FranceMulti-centerSevere3548.017/18Insulin/glucagon3 wk1 mo 5/5
Bird et al[38], 1998UKMulti-centerUnclassified3051.016/14Amlodipine4 wk4 wk 7/7
Akriviadis et al[9], 2000USSingle centerSevere5240.840/17Pentoxifylline4 wk160 dNA/24
Mezey et al[39], 2004US and SpainMulti-centerUnclassified2649.016/10Vitamin E3 mo1 yrNA/5
Boetticher et al[40], 2008USMulti-centerModerate to severe2249.117/5Etanercept3 wk6 mo 5/5
Table 2 Comparison of pooled one-month mortality by different variables
Studies (n)Placebo-treated patients (n)Gender (M/F)One-month death (n)One-month mortality rate (%)χ2P value
Severity of disease
Moderate to severe8260171/895922.69
Geographical area(s)
Publication year
Before 19905168118/503017.861.3590.271
After 1991515686/703623.08