Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. May 7, 2007; 13(17): 2514-2518
Published online May 7, 2007. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v13.i17.2514
Table 1 Published case series and reports on telerobotic-assisted colorectal surgery using the da Vinci surgical system
First author (yr)CountryTypes and number of surgery
Operative time (min)Conversion to open (number)Complications
Hashizume et al[10] (2002)Japan11 ileocaecal resection (IC)IC: 3350None
1 left hemicolectomy (LH)SC: 180
LH: 265
Weber et al[11] (2002)USA11RH: 2280None
SC: 340
Giulianotti et al[12] (2003)Italy51622 ileocaecal resectionsMean 21101 leak after AR
Vibert et al[13] (2003)France111 Hartmann reversal (HR)SC: 33001 prolonged ileus after LAR
LAR: 450
HR: 360
Talamini et al[14] (2003)USA17 'bowel resections'Not clearNot clearNot clear
Braumann et al[15] (2005)Germany122Mean 2012None
Ruurda et al[16] (2005)Netherlands5 ileocaecal resectionsMedian 9501 bowel injury during rectopexy
2 sigmoid colostomiesMedian 751 wound infection after IC
16 rectopexiesMedian 150
Rawlings et al[17] (2006)USA1713RH: 21926 complications, including 2 bowel injuries and 1 leak
SC: 225
Present caseHong Kong, China12400None
Table 2 Published studies comparing telerobotic-assisted colorectal surgery using the da Vinci surgical system versus conventional laparoscopic colorectal surgery
First author (yr)ProceduresNumber of patientsTotal operative timeBlood loss (mL)ComplicationsHospital stay (d)Remarks
Delaney et al[20] (2003)RH, SC, rectopexiesTelerobotic 6216.5 mina1001 atelectasis3Additional direct equipment costs of US$ 350 per case for telerobotic surgery
Laparoscopic 6150 mina87.51 incisional hernia2.5
D'Annibale et al[21] (2004)Partial/total colectomies and rectal resectionsTelerobotic 53240 min211 reoperation for bowel injury10Significantly longer setup time in the telerobotic group
Laparoscopic 53222 min371 reoperation for bleeding10
Woeste et al[22] (2005)SC for sigmoid diverticulitisTelerobotic 4236.7c601 (25%)//
Laparoscopic 23172.4c58.95 (21.7%)/
Pigazzi et al[23] (2006)TME for rectal cancerTelerobotic 64.4 h1041 prolonged ileus4.5Telerobotic surgery caused less strain for surgeons
Laparoscopic 64.3 h1501 pelvic abscess3.6