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World J Gastroenterol. Apr 28, 2006; 12(16): 2579-2583
Published online Apr 28, 2006. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v12.i16.2579
Table 1 Gastrointestinal symptoms in runners (n = 24)
NoneMildModerateSeverePercentage of symptomatic subjects (%)
Abdominal pain1012258
Epigstric discomfort1012258
Epigastric pain1210250
Table 2 Endoscopic findings and hemoccult test before and after treatment with ranitidine
Subject/SexBefore treatment(n = 24)After treatment(n = 16)
Endoscopic findingsHp statusOBEndoscopic findingsOB
1/MAlkaline reflux gastritis-Procedure refused-
Erosive gastritis (upper body)
2/MEsophagitis, LA class A--Erosive gastritis-
Alkaline reflux gastritis(antrum and body)
Erosive gastritis (fundus)
3/MEsophagitis LA class A-Normal finding-
Erosion with blood clot (antrum)
4/MEsophagitis, LA class AAlkaline reflux gastritis
Alkaline reflux gastritis
5/MErosive gastritisNormal finding-
(fundus, body, antrum )
6/MEsophagitis, LA class A--Procedure refused
Alkaline reflux gastritis
7/MErosive gastritis-Procedure refused
(fundus, body)
8/MGastric ulcer, Erosion with blood clot (midbody)-Normal finding-
9/MErosive gastritis (fundus)-Normal finding-
10/MErosive gastritis (fundus)-Erosive gastritis (body)-
11/MEsophagitis, LA class A-Procedure refused
Alkaline reflux gastritis
12/MErosive gastritis (body, antrum )--Procedure refused
13/MNormal finding--Procedure not performed
14/MEsophagitis, LA class A-Procedure refused
15/MErosive gastritis (antrum )--Normal finding-
16/MErosive gastritis (body, antrum )--Erosive gastritis (antrum )-
17/MAlkaline reflux gastritis, Erosive gastritis with blood clot (angle)--Alkaline reflux gastritis-
18/FDuodenitis--Normal finding-
19/FEsophagitis, LA class A--Alkaline reflux gastritis-
Alkaline reflux gastritis
Erosive gastritis (antrum)
20/FErosion with blood clot (midbody)-Normal finding-
21/FEsophagitis, LA class A--Esophagitis, LA class A-
Erosive gastritis (fundus)
22/FAlkaline reflux gastritis-Alkaline reflux gastritis-
Erosive gastritis (antrum)
23/FNormal finding-Procedure not performed
24/FErosive gastritis (antrum)-Normal finding-