Basic Research
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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 28, 2005; 11(44): 6954-6959
Published online Nov 28, 2005. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v11.i44.6954
Table 1 Graft characteristics (mean±SD)
ParametersGroup without PCSGroup with PCS
(n = 11)(n = 11)
DBW (kg)21.8±2.720.8±1.1
RBW (kg)22.8±1.222.1±2.6
GW (g)131.8±18.3139.3±32.0
RLW (g)525.4±41.4548.3±63.8
GWRLW (%)25.1±2.725.4±3.4
GWBW (%)0.58±0.090.63±0.13
Anhepatic time (min)43±241±4
Operation time (min)261±28263±44
Total ischemic time (min)151±51161±20
Table 2 Changes of hepatic hemodynamics (mean±SD)
ParametersGroupAt laparotomyAfter transplantation
Portal flowGroup without PCS118.2±26.9270.5±72.9b,a
(mL/min/100 g liver tissue)Group with PCS124.2±27.842.7±32.3a
Hepatic arterial flowGroup without PCS50.1±8.337.7±21.0a
(mL/min/100 g liver tissue)Group with PCS50.5±11.675.1±39.5
Total liver blood flowGroup without PCS168.3±30.9308.2±52.8b,a
(mL/min/100 g liver tissue)Group with PCS174.8±29.1117.8±42.1c
Ratio of PF/TLBF (%)Group without PCS70.2±4.287.8±8.2b,a
Group with PCS71.1±4.936.3±19.5a