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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2020; 26(19): 2333-2348
Published online May 21, 2020. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v26.i19.2333
Table 4 Therapeutic strategies
Mild gastroparesisModerate gastroparesisSevere gastroparesis
Diet and nutritional supportAdequate oral nutritionDisturbed oral nutritionCompromized oral nutrition
Small frequent meals; Low fat, low fibre; Glycemic control in diabeticsSmall, frequent meals; Low fat, low fibre; Glycemic control in diabetics; Caloric liquids; Artificial nutrition rarely requiredLiquid nutrient supplements; Nutrition by PEG-J
ProkineticsMetroclopramide; Domperidone; LevosulpirideMetroclopramide; Domperidone; Levosulpiride1Metroclopramide; Domperidone; 1Levosulpiride; 1Erytromycin; Prucalopride
Antiemetics and symptom modulatorsRarely neededOndansetron1Ondansetron; Triciclic antidepressant; Cannabinoids
Drug-refractory patients
Endoscopic techniquesNot neededNot neededBotulin toxin; Transpyloric stenting; Ballon dilatation; G-POEM
Gastric electrostimulationNot neededNot neededCompassionate use
Gastric proceduresNot neededNot neededLaparoscopic Pyloroplastic