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World J Gastroenterol. Oct 28, 2015; 21(40): 11209-11220
Published online Oct 28, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i40.11209
Table 1 Indications for endoscopic en-bloc resection of gastrointestinal neoplasias (modified from[6])
OrganIndications for …Ref.
StomachESD - classical indications1[1,4,5,13]
mucosal adenocarcinoma; intestinal type G1 or G2, size d ≤ 2 cm, no ulcer
ESD - expanded indications2
adenocarcinoma, intestinal type, G1 or G2, any size without ulcer/adenocarcinoma, intestinal type, G1 or G2, sm-invasive < 500 μm/adenocarcinoma, intestinal type, G1 or G2, d ≤ 3 cm, with ulcer/adenocarcinoma diffuse type, G3 or G4, size d ≤ 2 cm, no ulcer
EsophagusESD - classical indications1[5,8,9,12,14,15]
SCC type 0-IIb (HGIN or G1, G2), intramucosal (m1, m2), any size
Barrett adenoca. type 0-II (G1, G2), intramucosal (m1, LPM), no ulcer
ESD - expanded indications2
SCC type 0-II (HGIN, G1, G2) slightly invasive (m3, sm < 200 μm), any size3, clinical N 0
Barrett adenocarcinoma type 0-II (HGIN or G1, G2), mucosal ( ≤ MM), clinical N 0
ColorectumESD Indications[5,10,11,16,64]
Any neoplasias > 20 mm in diameter without signs of deep submucosal invasion, indicative for en-bloc resection and unsuitable for EMR en-bloc:
LST-granular type d ≥ 4 cm (villous adenoma +/- HGIN)4
LST-nongranular type d ≥ 2 cm
Mucosal carcinoma (HGIN, G1 or G2), or superficially sm-invasive5
Depressed-type neoplasias (0-IIc)
Neoplasias type 0-I or 0-II with pit pattern type VI (irregular)
Sporadic localized neoplasias in chronic ulcerative colitis
Colorectal carcinoids of diameter < 20 mm (EMR, when diameter < 10 mm)