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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 28, 2015; 21(4): 1305-1314
Published online Jan 28, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i4.1305
Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the included studies
Ref.CountryYearNo. of patientsStudy designUBT (13C/14C)Infrared assistedReference standardMean age (mean ± SD)FemalesUBT thresholdTime
Allardyce et al[13]New Zealand199763Cross-sectional14CNoHisto or (Biopsy and rapid urea test)56.52641%82% DPM30 min and 60 min post ingestion
Bruden et al[16]Estonia2011280Cross-sectional13CNoCulture or (Histo and RUT)53.518566%≥ 5%NA
Calvet et al[27]Spain2009199Cross-sectional13CYesAny two positive (Histopathology, RUT, UBT, and fecal serology)48.2 ± 14.210753%8.5%20 min after drinking solution
Chen et al[29]Taiwan2003586Cross-sectional13CYesCulture alone or RUT45.7 ± 13.328046.6%≥ 2%20 min after drinking solution
Chen et al[25]Japan2000169Cross-sectional13CNoCombined (Histo and serology)53.9 ± 15.76840%2.5%20 min after normal respiration
Gatta et al[30]Italy2003200Cross-sectional13CNoCombined (Histology and rapid urease) and/or culture53 ± 1311356%NA30 min post ingestion
Gomes et al[22]Brazil2002137Cross-sectional14CNoCombined (Histo and RUT)46.7 ± 16.66745%1000-2000 CPM30 min post ingestion
Gomollon et al[17]Spain2003314Cross-sectional13CNoCulture and/or Combined (Histo and RUT)54.1 ± 1816853.5%≥ 5%30 min post ingestion
Gurbuz et al[23]Turkey200565Cross-sectional14CNoCombind tests (Histo and RUT)42.4 ± 15.54667.7%> 50 CPM10 min after drinking solution
Hahn et al[31]United States2000100Cross-sectional13CNoCombined (Histo, UBT and serology)58.8 ± 14913.4%> 2.3%30 min after administration
Hilker et al[14]Germany1996174Cross-sectional13CNoHisto4610660.9%> 25030 min after administration
van der Hulst et al[26]Italy1999544Cross-sectional13CYesHisto and culture46.537962.7%> 5%30 min after administration
Marshall et al[32]United States1990153Cross-sectional14CNoCombined (Culture, RUT and histo)--7750%> 6%30 min after administration
Ortiz-Olvera Nayeli et al[18]Mexico200788Cross-sectional13CNoCulture and/or combined (Histo and RUT)45 ± 154955.6%> 4.22%30 min after administration
Ozdemir et al[28]Turkey200889Cross-sectional14CNoCombined; any 2 positive ( RUT, PCR and histo)45 ± 135966%> 25 CPMas Heliprobe10 min after drinking solution
Oztürk et al[15]Turkey200375Cross-sectional14CNoHistology41 ± 145674.6%100 DPMNA
Peng et al[19]Taiwan2009100Cross-sectional13CYesCulture or combind (Histo and RUT)554455%4.8%15 min after drinking solution
Perri et al[20]Belgium1998172Cross-sectional13CNoHisto and/or culture39.7 ± 14.18147%3.3%Every 15 min for 1 h after ingestion ofthe urea solution
Kopański et al[3]Poland200292Cross-sectional14CNoCombined (Culture, serology, UBT and urine test for C-urea)45.53639%> 5%30 min after administration
Rasool et al[24]Pakistan200794Cross-sectional14CNoTwo reference tests. Patient did both separately: (1) Histo; (2) RUT40.8 ± 12.83436%> 50 CPMAfter 10 min
Riepl et al[33]Austria2000100Cross-sectional13CYesCombined 3 tests (Histo, UAT and culture)51.6 ± 1.44949%> 4%NA
Surveyor et al[21]Australia198963Cross-sectional14CNoHisto and/or culture58.8 ± 14.53047%NAEvery 5 min for 30 min
Valdeperez et al[12]Spain200385Cross-sectional13CNoHisto and RUT41.64450.5%NA30 min after administration