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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 28, 2015; 21(4): 1099-1107
Published online Jan 28, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i4.1099
Table 1 Effects of soy, kudzu and red clover isoflavones on fatty liver disease in rodents
Experimental modelTreatmentEffectsRef.
Mice fed high-fat dietGenisteinAlleviates NAFLD by stimulating hepatic fatty acid β-oxidation and increasing antioxidative enzymeLee et al[24]
Rats fed high-fat dietGenisteinPrevents emergence of NASH by attenuating oxidative stressYalniz et al[25]
Rats fed MCD dietSoy isoflavonePrevents liver damage by decreasing lipid peroxidation in NASH modelUstundag et al[26]
Rats fed high-fructose dietGenisteinReduces NAFLD via activation of antioxidant profiles and decreases IL-6 and TNF-αMohamed Salih et al[27]
Mice fed high-fat dietGenisteinReduces NAFLD by regulating adipocyte fatty acid β-oxidation and adipogenesisKim et al[28]
Rats fed high-fat dietGenisteinSlows down NASH progression by inhibiting IκB-α phosphorylation, nuclear translocation of NF-κB p65 subunit, and activation of JNKJi et al[29]
Rats provided with ethanolGenisteinAmeliorates alcoholic liver injury and liver fibrosis by reducing lipid peroxidation, recruiting the anti-oxidative defense system, inhibiting CYP2El activity, and promoting extracellular matrix degradationHuang et al[30]
ApoE-/- mice fed high-fat dietGenisteinAlleviates metabolic abnormalities including hypercholesterolemia and NASH in ApoE-/- miceKwon et al[31]
Mice fed high-fat dietDaidzeinPrevents NAFLD through the direct regulation of hepatic de novo lipogenesis and insulin signaling, and the indirect control of adiposity and adipocytokinesKim et al[32]
Rats fed high-fat dietDaidzeinReduces weight gain and fat content in liver by affecting PPARα/γ and stearoyl coenzyme A desaturase 1Crespillo et al[33]
Rats fed high-fat dietPuerarinReduces NAFLD via hepatic leptin signaling activation (leptin receptor/JAK2/STAT3)Zheng et al[34]
Rats provided with ethanolPuerarinPrevents acute alcoholic liver injury by inhibiting oxidative stressZhao et al[35]
Mice provided with ethanolTectoridinProtects against ethanol-induced liver steatosis by modulating disturbance of PPARα pathway and ameliorating mitochondrial functionXiong et al[36]
Hepatocytes treated with ethanolPuerarinRestores viability of cells and reduces lipid accumulation in ethanol-treated hepatocytes by activating autophagy via AMPK/mTOR-mediated signalingNoh et al[37]
Mice fed high-fat dietPuerariae flower extract (isoflavone-rich)Exerts anti-fatty liver effects by suppressing lipogenesis in the liverKamiya et al[38]
Rats provided with the Liber-DeCarli liquid dietPuerarinAlleviates chronic alcoholic liver injury by inhibiting endotoxin gut leakage, Kupffer cell activation, and endotoxin receptors expressionPeng et al[39]
db/db diabetic miceRed clover extract (isoflavone-rich)Reduces liver TG and cholesterol levels by activating hepatic PPARα and inhibiting hepatic fatty acid synthaseQiu et al[40]
Mice fed cholesterol-enriched diet2-heptyl-formononetin, formononetinInduces hepatic steatosis, but decreases markers of inflammation and liver injuryAndersen et al[42]
Mice fed MCD dietRed clover extract (isoflavone-rich)Improves hepatic steatosis, but does not alleviate liver inflammationQiu et al[41]