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World J Gastroenterol. Jul 7, 2015; 21(25): 7672-7682
Published online Jul 7, 2015. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v21.i25.7672
Table 1 Genetic association studies in functional dyspepsia involving gene polymorphisms related to gastrointestinal motility or sensation
Ref.Study originFD subjects/controls, nStudied gene polymorphismDisease association
Holtmann et al[39]United StatesSTUDY A: 67/259GNB3 C825TFD
STUDY B: 56/112(CC)
Camilleri et al[40]United States41/47GNB3 C825TMeal unrelated dyspepsia
(CC) or (TT)
van Lelyveld et al[42]The Netherlands112/336GNB3 C825TFD
Tahara et al[41]Japan89/94GNB3 C825TFD in H. pylori (-)
Oshima et al[43]Japan68/761GNB3 C825TEPS
Shimpuku et al[44]Japan74/64GNB3 C825TPDS with impaired gastric emptying and feeling of hunger in FD
Park et al[45]South Korea102/148GNB3 C825TFD in children
Hwang et al[46]South Korea112/269GNB3 C825TNo association
Camilleri et al[40]United States41/47SERT-P(SLC6A4)No association
van Lelyveld et al[42]The Netherlands112/336SERT-P(SLC6A4)No association
Toyoshima et al[62]Japan53/646SLC6A45-HTTLPRL allelePDS
Arisawa et al[63]Japan223/172SERT-P(SLC6A4)No association
Park et al[45]South Korea102/148SERT-P(SLC6A4)No association
Hwang et al[46]South Korea112/269SLC6A45-HTTLPR (S/S)Inverse association with EPS in H. pylori (+)
Arisawa et al[63]Japan223/172Pri-microRNA-325FD
Interacts with SLC6A4 in increasing susceptibility to FD, especially in H. pylori (-)
Camilleri et al[40]United States41/475-HT1A, 5-HT2A, 5HT2CNo association
van Lelyveld et al[42]The Netherlands112/336HTR3A C178TNo association
Mujakovic et al[69]NAHTR3Ac-42C>TSevere FD
Tahara et al[68]Japan91/935HTR2A C 102TNo association
Camilleri et al[40]United States41/47a2a, a2c adrenoreceptorNo association
Hwang et al[46]South Korea112/269a2aNo association
Camilleri et al[40]United States41/47CCK1, CCK promoterNo association
Hwang et al[46]South Korea112/269CCK1R intron 779 T>CNo association
Tahara et al[73]Japan124/119CCK-1 intron 1PDS in males
Tahara et al[107]Japan109/98TRPV1 G315CInverse association with FD, EPS, PDS, H. pylori (+)
Hwang et al[46]South Korea112/269TRPV1 G945CInverse association with FD, PDS, EPS especially in H. pylori (+)
Arisawa et al[108]Japan297/345SCN10AInverse association with FD
Arisawa et al[108]Japan297/345SCN10AInverse association with FD, EPS, PDS especially in H. pylori (-)
Arisawa et al[108]Japan297/345SCN10AInverse association with FD,
3275T>5EPS, PDS especially in H. pylori (-)
Tahara et al[100]Japan91/94COMTFD