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World J Gastroenterol. Nov 14, 2014; 20(42): 15539-15548
Published online Nov 14, 2014. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v20.i42.15539
Table 2 Grading and staging system for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis[13]
Grading and staging
Grade 1 (mild)Steatosis: up to 66%
Ballooning: occasional in zone 3
Intralobular inflammation: scattered polymorphs ± lymphocytes
Portal inflammation: no or mild
Grade 2 (moderate)Steatosis: any degree
Ballooning: obvious, predominantly zone 3
Intralobular inflammation: polymorphs and chronic inflammation noted
Portal inflammation: mild to moderate
Grade 3 (severe)Steatosis: panacinar
Ballooning: ballooning and disarray obvious, predominantly in zone 3
Intralobular inflammation: scattered polymorphs ± mild chronic inflammation
Portal inflammation: mild or moderate
Stage 1Zone 3 perisinusoidal/pericellular fibrosis, focal or extensive
Stage 2Zone 3 perisinusoidal/pericellular fibrosis + focal or extensive periportal fibrosis
Stage 3Zone 3 perisinusoidal/pericellular fibrosis + portal fibrosis + bridging fibrosis
Stage 4Cirrhosis