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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2014; 20(19): 5639-5653
Published online May 21, 2014. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v20.i19.5639
Table 5 Studies evaluating the effect of periodontal therapy on oral and gastric Helicobacter pylori
Ref.Sample population and sample sizePrevalence of H. pylori in dental plaqueDetails of periodontal therapyPrevalence of H. pylori in dental plaque after periodontal therapyEffect on H. pylori infection
Gao et al[46], 2011China; 80 patients with H. pylori infection-37 treated with anti-H. pylori therapy (gp A) and 43 treated with anti-H. pylori therapy and periodontal therapy (gp B)82.3% in dental plaque and 51.1% in salivaGp A-2 wk proton pump inhibitor or triple therapy; gp B-2 wk triple therapy and initial periodontal therapy (oral hygiene education and scaling)After 4 wk, 29.7% (n = 11) in gp A and 4.7% (n = 2) in gp B; after 1 yr, 43.2% (n = 16) in gp A and 18.6% (n = 8) in gp BEradication rate of gastric H. pylori After 4 wk, 73% (27/37) in gp A and 81.4% (35/43) in gp B, after 1 year, 32.4% (11/37) in gp A and 62.8% (27/43) in gp B
Sambashivaiah et al[73], 2011India; 36 patients in 3 groups-group I, healthy subjects, group II, chronic periodontitis patients, group III, chronic periodontitis patients with type II diabetes mellitusOverall-66.7% (n = 24); among group I-41.7% (n = 5), group II-75% (n = 9), group III-83.3% (n = 10)Group II and III patients received full mouth scaling and root planningGroup II, 0 and group III, 8.3% (n = 1)Not evaluated
Zaric et al[72], 2009Serbia; 43 patients positive for H. pylori in sub gingival dental plaque and gastric mucosa-21 received only anti-H. pylori (triple) therapy (G+O+t); 22 received anti-H. pylori (triple) therapy)+periodontal therapy (G+O+tp)100%Triple therapy consisting of amoxicilin 2 g/d, clarithromycin 1 g/d, and pantoprazole 80 mg/d for 7 d. Periodontal therapy included oral hygiene orientation, plaque and calculus removal with an ultrasonic device, scaling, and root planing, as well as irrigation of periodontal pockets with 0.12% chlorhexidine-gluconate performed during triple therapy, in one sittingIn G+O+t-66.7% (14/21); in G+O+tp-27.3% (6/22)In the G+O+tp group, 77.3% (17/ 22) showed eradication of gastric H. pylori compared with 47.6% (10/21) in G+O+t
Jia et al[83], 2009China; 107 dyspeptic patients in whom H. pylori was eradicated from the gastric mucosa-56 received dental plaque control (test) and 51 did not (control)Not evaluatedFull-mouth scaling, root planning and polishing, and dental plaque control instructions by dentistNot evaluatedPrevalence of H. pylori in gastric mucosa was 19.64% (11/56) in test group and 84.31% (43/51) in control group
Butt et al[82], 2001Pakistan; 82 patients positive for H. pylori in dental plaque-27 received only anti-H. pylori therapy (gp 1); 25 received anti-H. pylori therapy+periodontal therapy (gp 2); 30 received only periodontal therapy (gp 3)100%Gp 1-twice daily omeprazole 20 mg, clarithromycin 500 mg and metronidazole 400 mg; gp 2-triple therapy and dental scaling and chlorhexidine mouthwashes twice daily for 7 d; gp 3-only dental treatment100% in gp 1; 16% in gp 2 (4/25); 10% in gp 3 (3/30)Not evaluated