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World J Gastroenterol. May 21, 2014; 20(19): 5639-5653
Published online May 21, 2014. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v20.i19.5639
Table 3 Studies evaluating the association of oral hygiene status and gingival/periodontal status with Helicobacter pylori infection
Ref.Oral health status evaluatedDefinition of oral hygiene/periodontal statusSample population and sample sizeAssociation with oral H. pyloriAssociation with gastric H. pylori
Sambashivaiah et al[73], 2011Periodontal statusMean probing depth > 5 mmIndia; 36 patients in 3 groups-group I, healthy subjects, group II, chronic periodontitis patients, group III, chronic periodontitis patients with type II diabetes mellitusSignificantNot evaluated
Silva et al[71], 2010Periodontal statusAt least 4 teeth with PD ≥ 5 mm and CAL > 3 mmBrazil; 115 dyspeptic patientsSignificantNot evaluated
Namiot et al[107], 2010Oral hygiene/periodontal statusOral Hygiene index/Russell’s periodontal indexPoland; 155 dyspeptic patientsNon-significantNot evaluated
Bali et al[65], 2010Oral hygiene status/periodontal statusOral hygiene index-simplified/probing pocket depthIndia; 124 dyspeptic patients of which 60 were H. pylori positive (cases) and 64 were H. pylori negative (controls)Not evaluatedSignificant
Gonçalves et al[69], 2009Periodontal statusAt least 3 sites with PD ≥ 5 mm and/or CAL ≥ 4 mm and BOPBrazil; 23 HIV seropositive patients of whom 13 had periodontitis and 10 were periodontally healthy; 31 HIV seronegative patients of whom 17 had periodontitis and 14 were periodontally healthySignificantNot evaluated
Al Asqah et al[64], 2009Periodontal statusBOP + PD ≥ 3 mm on at least 4 teethSaudi Arabia; Dyspeptic patients-62 patients with periodontitis and 39 without periodontitisSignificantSignificant
Liu et al[70], 2009Gingival statusGingival indexChina; 443 dyspeptic patientsSignificantNot evaluated
Zaric et al[72], 2009Gingival and periodontal statusMean PD, CAL and gingival index scoresSerbia; 66 dyspeptic patients with H. pylori infection of gastric mucosaSignificant for mean PD but not for CAL and gingival index scoresNot evaluated
Bürgers et al[93], 2008Periodontal statusPeriodontal Screening IndexGermany; 94 dyspeptic patientsNon-significantNon-significant
Souto and Colombo[68], 2008Periodontal status≥ 10% of teeth with probing depth and/or clinical attachment loss ≥ 5 mm, or ≥ 15% of teeth with probing depth and/or clinical attachment loss ≥ 4 mm, and > 10% of sites with bleeding on probingBrazil, 225 patients-56 periodontally healthy and 169 chronic periodontitis patientsSignificantNot evaluated
Namiot et al[112], 2007Periodontal statusRussell’s periodontal indexPoland; 137 H. pylori-positive patients with peptic ulcerNot evaluatedNon-significant
Anand et al[104], 2006Oral hygiene status/periodontal statusOral hygiene index-simplified/patients with one or more sites with a PD ≥ 3 mm and CAL ≥ 3 mm at the same siteIndia; 65 dyspeptic patients with H. pylori infection (cases) and 69 dyspeptic patients without H. pylori infection (controls)Not evaluatedNon-significant
Gebara et al[53], 2004Gingival and periodontal statusGingivitis group-patients with PD ≤ 3 mm and BOP on at least 4 sites; periodontitis group- BOP + PD ≥ 5 mm on at least 4 teethBrazil; 15 gingivitis and 15 periodontitis patients-all were H. pylori-positive in antral mucosaNon-significantNot evaluated
Gürbüz et al[39], 2003Oral hygiene/periodontal statusPlaque index/Russell’s indexTurkey; 75 dyspeptic patientsSignificantSignificant
Umeda et al[35], 2003Periodontal statusPresence of periodontal pockets ≥ 4 mmJapan; 28 patients who harbored H. pylori in stomach/duodenumSignificantNot evaluated
Choudhury et al[67], 2003Periodontal statusCPIIndia; 124 dyspeptic patientsSignificantNot evaluated
Butt et al[74], 2002Oral hygiene status/periodontal statusCommunity Periodontal Index of treatment needsPakistan; 78 dyspeptic patientsSignificant with amount of dental plaque but not with gingival or periodontal inflammationNot evaluated
Dye et al[66], 2002Periodontal statusPresence of 1 dental site with PD ≥ 5 mmUnited States; data from 4504 participants of National Health and Nutrition Examination III SurveyNot evaluatedSignificant
Berroteran et al[99], 2002Gingival statusGingival index-scoring from 0-3Venezuela; 32 dyspeptic patients and 20 asymptomatic controlsNon-significantNon-significant
Al-Refai et al[105], 2002Oral hygiene/gingival/ periodontal statusPlaque index/gingival index/Community Periodontal Index of treatment needsSaudi Arabia; 75 dyspeptic patients and 60 healthy controlsNon-significantNon-significant