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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 14, 2013; 19(46): 8580-8594
Published online Dec 14, 2013. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v19.i46.8580
Table 1 Baseline clinical characteristics of the patients undergoing endoscopic papillary large balloon dilation with endoscopic sphincterotomy n (%)
Ref.Study designNo. of procedures, No. of patientsMean age, yearNo. of periampullary diverticulumMean size of largest stone, mmRange of stone size, mmPrior ESTAltered anatomy
Ersoz et al[21]R58NA4 (6.9)NA12-28140
Hwang et al[22]R3071.36 (20.0)21.615-350NA
Maydeo et al[23]P6058.00 (0.0)16.012-2000
Minami et al[24]R8874.01NA14.0> 120NA
Heo et al[25]RCT10064.449 (49.0)16.0NA00
Lee et al[26]R5570.816 (29.1)20.815.4-35.50B-II:2
Kim et al[27]R3566.99 (25.7)26.112-5014NA
Lee et al[28]R4172.221 (51.2)18.210-450B-II:2, R-Y:2
Misra et al[29]R5040.1NANA< 15-250NA
Attasaranya et al[30]R107, 10370.136 (35.0)13.0110-3050B-II:6
Espinel et al[31]P9376.530 (32.2)13.45-3042B-II:4
Itoi et al[32]R5375.325 (47.2)14.810-2800
Kim et al[33]RCT2770.39 (33.3)20.815-38.300
Itoi et al[34]R1879.19 (50.0)16.713-210B-I:1
Kurita et al[35]R2482.0118 (75.0)16.5112-3324NA
Ghazanfar et al[36]P8448.4NA14.710-320NA
Kim et al[37]R7068.724 (34.3)12.55-3070NA
Youn et al[38]R10169.112 (11.9)21.87-520B-I:2, B-II:3
Kim et al[39]R7269.341 (56.9)NA> 1000
Stefanidis et al[40]RCT4569.4NANA12-2000
Rebelo et al[41]R3068.07 (23.3)17.0112-304NA
Sakai et al[42]R5976.727 (45.8)15.010-2821B-I:3, B-II:2
Park et al[43]R63372.7246 (39.1)15.410-38.4NA2B-II:20
Poincloux et al[44]R64, 6277.015 (24.2)NANA0NA
Hwang et al[45]R6968.233 (47.8)16.5NA00
Paspatis et al[46]RCT12474.921 (16.9)15.7NANA20
Rosa et al[47]R6870.8NA16.8NA00
Yang et al[48]R171, 16969.373 (43.2)15.0110-4532B-II:1
Yoon et al[49]P5268.119 (36.5)20.112-40520
Harada et al[50]R3078.023 (76.7)18.010-3930NA
Total2511, 2503773 (36.7)5-45353 (20.2)48 (2.4)