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World J Gastroenterol. Aug 21, 2012; 18(31): 4207-4214
Published online Aug 21, 2012. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i31.4207
Table 1 Characteristics of eligible studies included in this study
Ref.Country (ethnicity)Genotyping methodCases/controlsSource of controlsType of controlsPolymorphisms of XRCC1 gene
Tang et al[26]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP150/15HospitalAge matched, male and healthyArg194Trp, Arg280His, Arg399Gln
Bo et al[30]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP130/130HospitalAge matched and healthyArg194Trp
Zeng et al[29]China (Asian)TaqMan SNP Genotyping545/515HospitalAge, sex and residence matched and without cancerArg194Trp, Arg280His, Arg399Gln
Kiran et al[22]India (Asian)PCR–RFLP63/155HospitalHBsAg (-), anti-HCV (-), and without renal or hepatic diseaseArg194Trp, Arg280His, Arg399Gln
Wu et al[27]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP100/60HospitalAge and sex matched, healthy and HBsAg (-)Arg280His
Ren et al[25]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP50/92HospitalHealthy and HBsAg (-)Arg399Gln
Borentain et al[20]France (Caucasian)Sequencing56/89PopulationHealthy and without chronic liver diseaseArg399Gln
Kirk et al[23]Gambia (African)PCR–RFLP195/352HospitalAge and sex matched, normal α-fetoprotein levels, and without clinical evidence of liver diseaseArg399Gln
Long et al[24]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP140/536HospitalAge, sex and ethnicity matched and without cancerArg399Gln
Han et al[21]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP69/136PopulationAge, sex and residence matchedArg399Gln
Yu et al[28]China (Asian)PCR–RFLP577/389PopulationAge and sex matched, HBsAg (+), and without HCCArg399Gln