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World J Gastroenterol. May 7, 2012; 18(17): 2105-2111
Published online May 7, 2012. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v18.i17.2105
Table 4 Summary of studies which analysed Helicobacter pylori status in different oral cavity, stool and gastric sample
Author nameCountryTarget populationNumber of sampleType of specimensMethodPositive rate %
Cześnikiewicz-Guzik et al[16]PolandGastrointensinal patients100Gastic biopsy, saliva and gingival plaquesELISA51 biopsy 54 saliva and 48.3 gingival pockets
Medina et al[3]ArgentinaGastroduodenal patients98Saliva, dental plaque and gastric biopsyPCR88.4 biopsy and 18.98 oral samples
Iamaroon et al[7]ThailandRecurrent auphtus ulcer patients and healthy volunteers22 patients/15 normal peopleMocusaNested PCR4.5 auphtus patients and 4.5 normal patients
Tanahashi et al[37]Northern CaliforniaGastric patients16 infected 10 uninfectedStool, saliva and vomitsPCR and culture18.8 saliva, 21.8 stool and 37.5 vomits
Silva et al[6]BrazilGastric patients30Gastric biopsy, saliva and dental plaqueSingle step and nested PCR80 gastric biopsy, 30 saliva and 20 dental plaque
Fernández-Tilapa et al[5]MexicoAdults without dyspepsia200Gastric biopsy, saliva and dental plaqueNested and semi nested PCR, ELISA62 biopsy and 17 oral samples
Wang et al[8]TennesseeGastric patients31Gastric biopsy and salivaPCR and DNA sequencing100 gastric biopsy and 71 saliva
Current studyIranGastroduodenal patients300Gastric biopsy, saliva, dental plaque and stoolPCR77.66 biopsy, 10.72 saliva, 0 dental plaque and 71.67 stool