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World J Gastroenterol. Dec 14, 2011; 17(46): 5097-5104
Published online Dec 14, 2011. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v17.i46.5097
Table 5 Multiple logistic regression derived odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals for response to hepatitis C virus therapy among patients infected with hepatitis C virus genotype-1 with respect to hepatic steatosis, and leptin and ghrelin concentrations at baseline and at end of follow-up
VariableCategory or incrementORs95% CIsP-value
At baseline
Hepatic steatosis1 level more0.120.02-0.660.01
Leptin10 ng/mL more0.430.22-0.830.01
Ghrelin0.1 ng/mL more1.110.67-2.010.63
HOMA-IR1 level more1.340.42-4.310.63
Alternatively introduced variables
Fibrosis1 level more0.360.13 -0.960.04
Leptin10 ng/mL more0.450.24-0.860.02
Ghrelin0.1 ng/mL more1.350.82-2.450.26
HOMA-IR1 level more0.960.33-2.790.94
At end of follow-up
Hepatic steatosis1 level more0.130.02-0.890.04
Leptin10 ng/mL more0.380.18-0.810.01
Ghrelin0.1 ng/mL more1.220.74-2.010.41
HOMA-IR1 level more1.980.54-7.300.30
Alternatively introduced variables
Fibrosis1 level more0.300.10-0.930.04
Leptin10 ng/mL more0.340.16-0.720.01
Ghrelin0.1 ng/mL more1.220.74-1.820.47
HOMA-IR1 level more1.280.43-3.790.66