Case Report
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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 7, 2006; 12(9): 1472-1475
Published online Mar 7, 2006. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v12.i9.1472
Table 1 Characteristics of previously reported cases of primary liposarcoma of the liver and the gallbladder
Case NumberSource, (yr)Age SexLocationTherapyPrognosis
1Wolloch Y, et al[3] 197322 yr FemaleRight lobeRight hepatic lobectomyDied on 46 postoperative day because of complications
2Kim TW, et al[4] 198586 yr MaleRight lobeNo therapyDied Free of recurrence at 10 months after surgery
3Kim YI, et al[5] 198730 yr FemaleLeft lobeLeft lateral subsegmentectomyWith no further medical and surgical therapy
4Soares FA, et al[6] 19892y 4mo. MaleHepatic hilumChemotherapyDied
5Aribal E, et al[7] 199348 yr FemaleHepatic hilumUnresectable Regional chemotherapyNot described
6Wright NB, et al[8] 19933 yr MaleHepatic hilumSurgery Radiation, chemotherapyDied at 15 y.o. Because of fatal recurrence
7Khan AN, et al[9] 200150 yr MaleRight lobeRight hepatic lobectomyNot described
8Nelson V, et al[10] 200154 yr FemaleLeft and Right lobesNo therapyDied
1Bader H, et al[2] 198379 yr MaleIntramuralCholecystectomyDied 2 years after operation because of peritoneal dissemination
2Our case49 yr Femaleintramuraltumor resection with cholecystectomyAlive