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World J Gastroenterol. Jun 1, 2004; 10(11): 1600-1607
Published online Jun 1, 2004. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v10.i11.1600
Table 4 Part of down-regulated genes in the activated HSC
GenBank accession numberGene nameRatio (Cy5/Cy3)Potential gene function
D49949mRNA for IGIF precursor poly-peptide in (Interleukin 18), complete cds0.065In the development of Th1 cells and tissue injury inflammatory reaction
U63146Retinal binding protein (RBP) mRNA0.125Retinoid storage and metabolism
AF035644Potentially prenylated protein tyrosine phosphatase mPRL-2 mRNA, complete cds0.226Cellular regulation
X58287mR-PTPu gene for protein tyrosine phosphatase, receptor-type M0.280Cellular regulation
AF033381Betaine homocysteine methyl transferase (BHMT) mRNA, complete cds0.299A key liver enzyme that is important for homocysteine homeostasis
M75720Alpha-1 serine protease inhibitor 3 mRNA, complete cds0.308Anti-inflammatory effect
U20497P19 protein mRNA, complete cds0.324CDK4&CDK6 inhibitor, cell cycle inhibitor
D85596AMP deaminase H-type, complete cds0.339Involved in the biosynthesis, inter-conversion and degradation of purine compounds
Y10138Gene encoding prostaglandin D synthase0.361A PGD producing enzyme and a retinoid transporter
NM_013498CAMP response element modulator (CREM) mRNA0.366Down-regulator of CAMP-induced transcription
U67187G protein signaling regulator RGS2 (rgs2) mRNA, complete cds0.369Negatively regulate G-coupled receptor function
AF023919PK-120 precursor (itih-4) mRNA, complete cds0.421Inter-alpha-trypsin-inhibitor H4, is a potential regulator for ECM proteins
AF077950Protein inhibitor of activated STAT protein PIAS 1 mRNA, complete cds0.433Inhibition of STAT-1-mediated gene activation
M75718Alpha-1 protease inhibitor 4 mRNA, complete cds0.437Anti-inflammatory activity
D38046mRNA for type II DNA topoisomerase beta isoform, complete cds0.445An essential enzyme that alters DNA topology which is important for cell survive and apoptosis
AF073996myotubularin (Mtm1) mRNA complete cds0.464Subfamily of protein tyrosine phosphatases