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World J Gastroenterol. Jan 14, 2005; 11(2): 155-163
Published online Jan 14, 2005. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v11.i2.155
Carbonic anhydrases in normal gastrointestinal tract and gastrointestinal tumours
Antti J. Kivelä, Jyrki Kivelä, Juha Saarnio, Seppo Parkkila
Antti J. Kivelä, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Oulu, Finland
Antti J. Kivelä, Seppo Parkkila, Institute of Medical Technology, University of Tampere and Tampere University Hospital, Finland
Jyrki Kivelä, Institute of Dentistry, University of Helsinki, Finland
Jyrki Kivelä, Research Institute of Military Medicine, Central Military Hospital, Helsinki, Finland
Juha Saarnio, Department of Surgery, University of Oulu, Finland
Seppo Parkkila, Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Oulu, Finland
Author contributions: All authors contributed equally to the work.
Supported by the Grants from Sigrid Juselius Foundation, The Academy of Finland (SP), Finnish Cultural Foundation and Finnish Dental Society (JK)
Correspondence to: Antti J. Kivelä, Institute of Medical Technology, University of Tampere, Biokatu 6, FIN-33520 Tampere, Finland.
Telephone: +358-50-3247762 Fax: +358-3-2158597
Received: March 27, 2004
Revised: March 28, 2004
Accepted: May 13, 2004
Published online: January 14, 2005
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