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World J Gastroenterol. Mar 7, 2006; 12(9): 1421-1425
Published online Mar 7, 2006. doi: 10.3748/wjg.v12.i9.1421
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen and Pgg-glucan on ischemic colon anastomosis
Suna Guzel, Oguzhan Sunamak, Abdullah AS, Varol Celik, Mehmet Ferahman, Muhammed MK Nuri, Ertugrul Gazioglu, Pinar Atukeren, Ozgur Mutlu
Suna Guzel, Oguzhan Sunamak, Abdullah AS, Muhammed MK Nuri, Department of General Surgery, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
Varol Celik, Ertugrul Gazioglu, Mehmet FErahman, Department of General Surgery, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
Pinar Atukeren, Department of Biochemistry, Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
Ozgur Mutlu, Department of Underwater and Hyperbaric Oxygen, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey
Correspondence to: Oguzhan Sunamak, MD, Inebolu Devlet Hastanesi 375000 Inebolu, Kastamonu, Turkey. toredr@yahoo.com
Telephone: +90-53-32435155 Fax: +90-21-63106398
Received: March 14, 2005
Revised: May 1, 2005
Accepted: June 16, 2005
Published online: March 7, 2006

AIM: In colorectal surgery, anastomotic failure is still a problem in ischemia. Here, we analyzed the effects of hyperbaric oxygen and beta-glucan on colon anastomoses in ischemic condition.

METHODS: Colonic resection and anastomosis in rectosigmoid region were done in forty Wistar-Albino rats of four groups of equal number. Colon mesentery was ligated to induce ischemia. The first group was the control group. The subjects of second group were treated with hyperbaric oxygen; the third group with glucan and the forth group were treated with both. At the forth day, rats were sacrificed, anastomotic segment was resected and burst pressures and hydroxyproline levels of anastomotic line were measured.

RESULTS: The burst pressure difference of second and third groups from the control group were meaningful (P < 0.01); the forth group differed significantly from the control (P < 0.001). There was no difference between the treated groups on burst pressure level (P > 0.05). The hydroxyproline levels in all treated groups were different from the control group significantly (P < 0.001). Hydroxyproline levels in the forth group were higher than those of the second and the third groups (P < 0.001). There were no significant differences between the second and the fourth groups in burst pressure and hydroxyproline levels (P > 0.05).

CONCLUSION: Hyperbaric oxygen and glucan improve healing in ischemic colon anastomoses by anti-microbic, immune stimulating properties and seem to act synergistically when combined together.

Keywords: Anastomosis, Ischemic colon, Hyperbaric oxygen, PGG-Glucan