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Last updated March 30, 2014




Biostatistics statement


Any manuscript describing a study (basic research and clinical research) that used biostatistics must include a statement in the Materials and Methods section affirming that the statistical review of the study was performed by a biomedical statistician. Statistical review is performed before the submission or after peer-review. The author invites an expert in Biomedical Statistics to evaluate the statistical method(s) used in the study, including but not limited to the t-test (group or paired comparisons), chi-square test, ridit, probit, logit and regression (linear, curvilinear, or stepwise) modeling, correlation, analysis of variance, and analysis of covariance. The review by the biomedical statistician is conducted with respect to the following points: (1) Statistical methods are adequately and appropriately described when they are used to verify the results; (2) Whether the statistical techniques are suitable or correct; (3) Only homogeneous data can be averaged. Standard deviations are preferred to standard errors. The number of observations and subjects (n) is given. Losses in observations, such as drop-outs from the study, are reported; (4) Values, such as ED50, LD50 and IC50, have the 95% confidence limits calculated and have been compared by weighted probit modeling (using the functions described by Bliss and Finney); and (5) The word“significantly” is replaced by its synonyms (if it indicates extent) or the P value (if it indicates statistical significance). In addition, a copy of any approval document(s)/letter(s) or waiver should be provided to the Baishideng Publishing Group in PDF format.

For example, if a biostatistics editor is employed by the authors, the person’s name (first name and family (sur)name), qualifications, and contact information must be submitted to the World Journal of Gastroenterology (WJG) editorial office in the form of a letter of confirmation of service. If the biostatistics editing was performed by a commercial service provider, the company’s name and contact information, including URL and email or phone number, must be submitted to the WJG editorial office in the form of a letter of confirmation of service. The letters of confirmation of service must include the corresponding author’s name (first name and family (sur)name) and contact information (email and phone number), and the manuscript title.

Sample wording: The statistical methods of this study were reviewed by [name(s) of individual(s)] from [name(s) of organization(s)]…

Please click on the links below to download the sample documents of biostatistics review certificate: