Systematic Reviews
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World J Meta-Anal. Aug 28, 2021; 9(4): 342-352
Published online Aug 28, 2021. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v9.i4.342
Table 2 The outcome of coronavirus disease 2019 considering the groups with raised and normal values of troponin
Raised TnI rate
Death rate
Kidney injury
ICU admission
Arcari et al[17]39/103Raised TnI: 12---------
Normal TnI: 7
Fan et al[18]22/89---Raised TnI: 20Raised TnI: 9---
Normal TnI: 12Normal TnI: 10
Guo et al[19]52/187Raised TnI:3 1Raised TnI: 30Raised TnI: 14Raised TnI: 31
Normal TnI: 12Normal TnI: 16Normal TnI: 4Normal TnI: 14
Lala et al[20]530/2736Raised TnI: 223---------
Normal TnI: 102
Lombardi et al[21]278/614Raised TnI: 102---Raised TnI: 41---
Normal TnI: 43Normal TnI: 13
Lorente-Ros et al[22]147/707Raised TnI: 60; Normal TnI: 130------Raised TnI: 7Normal TnI: 5
Raad et al[23]390/1020Raised TnI: 128Raised TnI: 93Raised TnI: 224Raised TnI: 105
Normal TnI: 52Normal TnI: 64Normal TnI:178Normal TnI:93
Karbalai Saleh et al[24]115/386Raised TnI: 47Raised TnI: 46Raised TnI: 35Raised TnI: 41
Normal TnI: 30Normal TnI: 30Normal TnI: 25Normal TnI: 38
Shah et al[25]116/309Raised TnI: 44---Raised TnI: 13Raised TnI: 58
Normal TnI: 22Normal TnI: 5Normal TnI: 52
Singh et al[26]132/276Raised TnI: 20Raised TnI: 29---Raised TnI: 63
Normal TnI: 5Normal TnI: 10Normal TnI: 25