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World J Meta-Anal. Jun 28, 2020; 8(3): 233-244
Published online Jun 28, 2020. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v8.i3.233
Table 3 Studies about the role of non-coding RNAs expression profile and imatinib resistance
Ref.Compared groups and samplesNcRNAs studiedResults
Akçakaya et al[52], 20147 IM resistant vs 10 IM sensitive (profiling analysis) 10 IM resistant vs 14 IM sensitive (validation analysis)903 miRNAs in profiling analysis (microarray) 10 miRs for validation analysis (RT-PCR)27 overexpressed miRNAs and 17 underexpressed miRNAs in IM resistant group compared to IM sensitive. Mir-125a-5p as a key modulator to IM resistance
Huang et al[53], 201828 tumor samples (all patients received neoadjuvant IM)miRNA-125a-5p RNU6BPhosphorylation of FAK is regulated by PTPB18 and miR-125a-5p. Pfak plays crucial role in IM resistance
Fan et al[54], 2015IM sensitive GIST cells (GIST882) vs IM resistance cell line (GIST430)miRNA-218MiR-218 is down-regulated in IM-resistant GIST430 cells; MiR-218 over-expression may improve the IM sensitivity through PI3K/AKT signaling pathway
Lee et al[55], 20169 low vs 1 intermediate vs 7 high risk tumors.HOTAIRHOTAIR higher expression in high risk GISTs. HOTAIR also found to regulate promoter methylation of PCDH10 through in vitro investigation of high-risk GIST cell lines
Bure et al[56], 201867 primary GIST samples subdivided according the tumor grade and the cell line.HOTAIRHOTAIR higher expression in high risk GISTs. Distinct methylation patterns through upregulation of HOTAIR during the different stages of carcinogenesis
Yan et al[51], 20193 primary GISTs (A) vs 3 GISTs secondarily resistance to IM (B) vs 3 normal gastric tissue (C)63542 lncRNAs 27134 miRNAsThey found lnc-DNAJC6-2 to be associated with the HIF-1 pathway
Yan et al[58], 2019IM sensitive cell lines (GIST-882) vs IM resistance cell lines (GIST-T1)LncRNA CCDC26LncRNA CCDC26 regulate IM resistance and interact with IGF-1R