Systematic Reviews
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World J Meta-Anal. Feb 26, 2018; 6(1): 1-8
Published online Feb 26, 2018. doi: 10.13105/wjma.v6.i1.1
Table 1 Number of articles, analyzing the relation between genetic polymorphisms and irritable bowel syndrome
GeneSNPPolymorphismIBS typeDiagnostic criteriaNumber of articlesRef.
SLC6A4rs47955415-HTTLPR (-1950- 1949insT, -1950-1949insC), STin2.9 VNTRIBS-CRome I, II, III15[2-5,7-12,14,15,19,22,27]
rs25531179A > G (-1936A > G)Rome II, III4[8-10,17]
HTR2Ars6311-1438G > A (-998G > AIBS-DRome I, II, III1[4]
rs6313102C > TIBS-DRome I, II, III2[4,35]
HTR3Ars106261342C > T; 178C > T (-24C > T)IBS-DRome I, II, III6[2,16,20-22,45]
HTR3Ers5610984776G > AIBS-DRome I, II, III5[16,18,20,21,45]
GNB3rs5443825C > TIBS-CRome II, III8[23-25,29,32,34,35]
TNFSF15rs4263839A/GIBS-CRome I, II, III3[6,26,28]
Limited number of studies: pV158M CCK rec.intron1 NXPH1CDC42Rome III10[30,31,33,36-40,43,44]