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World J Methodol. Jan 20, 2022; 12(1): 43-53
Published online Jan 20, 2022. doi: 10.5662/wjm.v12.i1.43
Table 1 Factors related to angiogenesis and immunity and studied as biomarkers in colorectal cancer
Biologic material
VEGFTissue, bloodAngiogenesisPrognostic & predictiveBendardaf et al[63] 2017, Des Guetz et al[7] 2006, Ferroni et al[64] 2006, Pascual et al[65] 2018, Tsai et al[66] 2013, Tsai et al[67] 2015, Boussios et al[68] 2019, Zygoń et al[23] 2017, Mohamed et al[69] 2019
VEGF polymorphismTissue, bloodAngiogenesisPrognostic & predictiveMousa et al[9] 2015
HIF-1αTissueAngiogenesisPrognosticBaba et al[5] 2010
CTCsBloodAngiogenesisPrognostic & predictiveArrazubi et al[34] 2019, Burz et al[25] 2018, Cabel et al[28] 2017, Tan et al[33] 2018, Wang et al[35] 2019, Zhang et al[70] 2017
CTCsBloodAngiogenesisPredictiveNakamura et al[3] 2018
MicroRNATissue, blood, stoolsAngiogenesisPrognostic & predictiveBalacescu et al[40] 2018, Boussios et al[68] 2019, Peng et al[41] 2017, To et al[38] 2018
MVDTissueImmunityPrognosticden Uil et al[71] 2019, Des Guetz et al[7] 2006, Mohammed et al[72] 2020, Zhu et al[19] 2017, Zygoń et al[23] 2017
Table 2 Clinical trials related to antiangiogenic agent therapy and immunotherapy in colorectal cancer
Study title
RecruitingA study evaluating the efficacy and safety of multiple immunotherapy-based treatment combinations in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (Morpheus-CRC)Regorafenib, atezolizumabUnited States
RecruitingStudy of chemotherapy combination with autologous cellBevacizumab, oxaliplatin, capecitabine; Biological component: PD1-T cellsChina
RecruitingTreatment of colorectal liver metastases with immunotherapy and bevacizumabAtezolizumab, bevacizumab, oxaliplatinKorea
RecruitingNeoadjuvant treatment in rectal cancer with radiotherapy followed by atezolizumab and bevacizumab (TARZAN)Atezolizumab, bevacizumabNetherlands
Not yet recruitingChemotherapy and immunotherapy as treatment for MSS metastatic Capecitabine, oxaliplatin, bevacizumab, pembrolizumabFrance
Not yet recruitingQL1101 in combination with JS001 in patients with pMMR/MSS refractory metastaticBevacizumab, tripleitriumabChina
Not yet recruitingComparison of sintilimab to XELOXSintilimab vs XELOX + bevacizumabChina