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World J Methodol. Jan 20, 2022; 12(1): 1-19
Published online Jan 20, 2022. doi: 10.5662/wjm.v12.i1.1
Table 1 The descriptions of the uses of the instruments[15]
Instrument name
No. in Figure 1
Uses in his table
Other uses in his book with page numbers in reference[15] given
Scissors2PannusConcretions (p.121, p.276); Ectropion (p.278); Stye (p.279); Distichiasis (p.282); Hordeolum (p.287); Hemangioma at the eyelid (p.287); Wart (p.289); Lacrimal caruncle swelling (p.291); Pterygium (p.293); Hemangioma at the conjunctiva (p.297); Iris prolapse (p.299); Superficial temporal artery (p.300)
Speculums3Only descriptionPannus (p.295)
Scissors5Pannus, pterygium (a note with the myrtle leaf needle)Granuloma at the conjunctiva (p.297)
Hooks6Pannus, pterygium, distichiasisSymblepharon (p.277); Ectropion (p.278); Distichiasis (p.281); Hemangioma at the eyelid (p.287); Sebaceous cyst (p.290); Lacrimal caruncle swelling (p.291); Hemangioma at the conjunctiva (p.297); Granuloma at the conjunctiva (p.297); Superficial temporal artery (p.300)
Rose leaf needle7Hemangioma at the eyelid, sebaceous cyst, hemangioma at the conjunctiva (a note with the half rose leaf needle)Trachoma (p.275); Symblepharon (p.277); Lagophthalmos (p.123, p.278); Ectropion (p.278); Wart (p.289)
Half rose leaf needle8Hemangioma at the conjunctiva, (Trachoma, concretions) (a note with the scraper)Adhesions between the two eyelids (p.277)
Spear9Sebaceous cystSymblepharon (p.277); Ectropion (p.278)
Myrtle leaf needle10Pterygium, symblepharon, sebaceous cyst (a note with the spear)
Axe11Bloodletting the supraorbital vein
Raven’s beak13Removing whatever sticks to the eye or the inner side of the eyelidConjunctival wound (p.213)
Rounded couching needle16Could be substituted by the triangular needlePannus (p.295); Hemangioma at the conjunctiva (p.297); Cataract (p.305)
Scalpel18Hypopyon, chemosisAdhesions between the two eyelids (p.277); Allergic dermatitis (p.288)
Scraper19Trachoma, concretions
Lancet20Lipoma, chalazionConcretions (p.276); Chemosis (p.285); Blepharitis (p.289); Hypopyon (p.298); Superficial temporal artery (p.300); Cataract (p.307)
Sickle21Adhesions between the two eyelids, ectropion
Hollowed aspirating needle22Cataract
Gooseneck speculum and tailor’s needle24Distichiasis
Gatherer27Wart‘Foreign body’ fallen into the eye (p.215), Stye (p.279), Hordeolum (p.287),
Gatherer28Distichiasis, ‘foreign body’ fallen into the eye
Cautery29Supraorbital vein, superficial temporal veinsSuperficial temporal artery (pp.300-301)
Small drill34Dacryocystitis
Awn-tongs35‘Foreign body’ fallen into the eye
Table 2 Medicinal natural products used in distichiasis treatment[15,31,32]
Common name
Scientific name
Arabic name
MasticPistacia lentiscusMustaqy Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative
SarcocollaAstragalus Sarcocolla LAanzarout Anthelmintic, emollient
AloeAloe veraSabr Wound healing, antimicrobial