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World J Nephrol. May 6, 2015; 4(2): 295-306
Published online May 6, 2015. doi: 10.5527/wjn.v4.i2.295
Table 1 Spectrum of renal histology in human immunodeficiency virus in South Africa
HistologyDurban[21]JHB[20]Cape Town[22]JHB1
Biopsy numbers3099192364
Classic HIVAN (%)832724.432.7
HIV Immune Complex Disease (%) (mostly with hepatitis B or C co-infection)2130.211.8
Mesangial proliferative6
Membranoproliferative (type I and III) (%)72.7
Lupus-like (%)4.4
Membranous (%)13.3135.27.7
HIV TTP/HUS (thrombotic microangiopathy)
Various glomerulonephropathies (%) (heterogenous group with different aetiologies)7412429.4
Minimal change (%)23.3
Table 2 Summary of the studies of MYH9 and APOL1 variants
YearPopulation (ancestry)DiseaseVariantFreq.OR (95%CI)Ref.
2008African AmericansHypertensive ESRDMYH9 E10.671.9 (1.25-2.87)Kopp et al[31]
HIVANMYH9 E10.675.3 (2.40-12.90)
FSGSMYH9 E10.674.5 (2.92, 7.19)
European AmericansT2DM ESRDMYH9 E10.04NS
FSGSMYH9 E10.049.7 (1.07, 463)
2008African AmericansHypertensive ESRDMYH9 E10.32.1 (1.56, 2.74)Kao et al[30]
Non-diabetic ESRDMYH9 E10.32.2 (1.73, 2.73)
FSGSMYH9 E10.33.7 (2.11, 6.34)
2009African AmericansHypertensive ESRDMYH9 E10.752.4 (NS)Freedman et al[47]
Non-diabetic ESRDMYH9 E10.762.5 (NS)
2009African AmericansT2DM ESRDMYH9 E10.671.4 (NS)Freedman et al[44]
2010African AmericansNon-diabetic ESRDMYH9 E1NS2.0 (1.37, 2.92)Behar et al[46]
Hispanic AmericansNon-diabetic ESRDMYH9 E1NS3.7 (1.67, 8.20)
2010American IndiansKidney dysfunctionMYH9 SNPs0.431.04 (0.79, 1.36)Franceschini et al[43] Strong Heart Family Study
2010African AmericansNon-diabetic ESRDAPOL1 G10.464.86 (2.35, 10.06)Tzur et al[29]
Hispanic AmericansNon-diabetic ESRDAPOL1 G1015.48 (4.00, 60.00)
2010African AmericansHypertensive ESRDAPOL1 G1/G20.41/0.217.3 (5.60, 9.50)Genovese et al[13]
FSGSAPOL1 G1/G20.47/0.2510.5 (6.0, 18.4)
2011African AmericansHIVANAPOL1 G1/G20.54/0.2829.2 (13.10, 68.50)Kopp et al[12]
FSGSAPOL1 G1/G20.55/0.2516.9 (11.00, 26.50)
2014South African blacksHIVANMYH9 E10.832.10 (0.07-60.99)Kasembeli et al (Unpublished observations)
APOL1 G1/G20.56/0.3489.10 (17.68, 911.72)