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World J Virol. Feb 12, 2017; 6(1): 1-8
Published online Feb 12, 2017. doi: 10.5501/wjv.v6.i1.1
Table 1 Roles of viral protein and RNA during viral infection in permissive cells
Name of the vital materialLocation in cellFunction
Viral genome + ssRNA (approximately 11000 nt)CytoplasmTemplate for protein translation and for viral genome replication
Envelope, E (53 KDa)[52]Cell membraneViral assembly, budding, attachment to target cells, and viral membrane fusion
Membrane precursor, PrM (20 KDa)[53]Cell membraneFacilitating E protein folding and trafficking, and virion maturation
Capsid, C (12 KDa)[54]CytoplasmVirion maturation
NS1 (glycoprotein)[55] (46-55 kDa)Endoplasmic reticulumSubverting immune response
vesicular compartments,virus-induced intracellular RNA
cell surfacereplication, neurovirulence
NS2a (25 kDa)[56]TransmembraneVirus assembly, inhibit IFN-response
NS2b (14 kDa)[1,57]Cytoplasm, nucleusViral protein cleavage
NS3 (69 kDa)[1]Cytoplasm, nucleusViral protein cleavage, RNA
triphosphatase, mRNA capping,
RNA helicase
NS4a (16 kDa)[58]TransmembraneViral RNA replication
NS4b (21.5 kDa)[59]Integral membraneSuppression of (IFN-α/β),
suppression of the host RNAi,
negatively regulate the helicase
function, viral replication
NS5 (103 kDa)[60,61]Cytoplasm, nucleusThe RNA triphosphatase,
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
Table 2 Origin of the types Zika viruses
Isolation regionIsolation yearAccession #StrainRef.
Malaysia1966HQ234499P6-740Haddow et al[4]
Micronesia2007EU545988N/ALanciotti et al[23]
Cambodia2010JN860885FSS13025Haddow et al[4]
China2016KU744693VE Ganxianunpublished
Nigeria1968HQ234500IBH 30656Haddow et al[4]
Senegal1984HQ234501ArD 41519Haddow et al[4]
Uganda1947HQ234498MR766Haddow et al[4]
Uganda2004NC012532N/AKuno et al[62]
CAR2014KF268948ARB13565Berthet et al[63]
CAR2014KF268949ARB15076Berthet et al[63]
CAR2014KF268950ARB7701Berthet et al[63]
Senegal2001KF383119ArD158084Faye et al[2]
Senegal2001KF383118ArD157995Faye et al[2]
Senegal2001KF383117ArD128000Faye et al[2]
Senegal2001KF383116ArD7117Faye et al[2]
Brazil2016KU497555Brazil-ZKV2015Calvet et al[64]
Brazil2016KU707826SSABR1Costa et al[65]
Brazil2016KU527608Natal RGNMlakar et al[48]
Brazil2016KU501215PRVABC59Lanciotti et al[23]
Brazil2016KU321639ZikaSPH2015Staples et al[66]
Brazil2016KU312312Z1106033Enfissi et al[67]
France2014KJ776791H/PF/2013Baronti et al[68]
Martinique2016KU647676Martinique_PaRi_2015Baronti et al[68]
Haiti2014KU509998Haiti/1225/2014Lednicky et al[69]