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World J Transplant. Sep 18, 2023; 13(5): 250-253
Published online Sep 18, 2023. doi: 10.5500/wjt.v13.i5.250
Table 1 Examples of advertisements from kidney sellers and buyers on an official website in Iran[6]
Buyers’ advertisements
Sellers’ advertisements
Kidney buyer; blood group O+; man or woman; please only people with HLA reports contact; otherwise let’s not waste each other’s time (Tehran)Kidney for sale; 42 yr old; blood group B+; due to financial crisis; no tobacco; no alcohol; bicycling each day for hours; and body works as infallible as a watch (East Azerbaijan)
Kidney buyer; blood group O; our patient is under dialysis and medical conditions is rapidly deteriorating; unemployed; lives in a renting house; some people promised helping; let’s help for God’s sake and his wife and children (Markazi)Kidney for sale; 35 yr old man; blood group O+; me and my wife (blood group B+) both are ready to sell our kidneys; HLA testing ready for both; only recipients contact not dealers (brokers) (Tehran)
Kidney buyer; blood group O; I am under dialysis with complications; for God’s sake help me to get free of dialysis; I also have financial problems; the seller preferably a man less than 35 (West Azerbaijan)Kidney for sale; 39 yr old man; HLA and ultrasonography tests are ready; no history of any disease; family consent ready; I need money for my kid’s illness; price would be fair and just (Kurdistan)
Kidney buyer; blood group AB; please don’t give “mind blowing” price so I can prepare it (East Azerbaijan)Kidney for sale; 24 yr old woman; married; family consent ready; all tests and HLA report ready; ultrasonography report ready; weight; no tobacco; healthy in every aspect (Tehran)
Kidney buyer; blood group O+; applicants must have HLA report and family consent ready; age less than 30; I’d pay the hospital costs and tests would be paid after the procedure; (Mazandaran)Kidney for sale; 32 yr old; all tests (HLA, CTA, United States, & cardiologist letter) ready; hospital costs and labs should be covered by the buyer; price fair & with mutual consent (Mazandaran)
Kidney buyer; blood group A+; urgent need for a kidney; seller should have all the tests ready; age less than 30; powerful body; no user of tobacco; alcohol or other junks; preferably from Tehran (Khuzestan)Kidney, liver and all other purchasable organs for sale; 40 yr old man; blood group A+; HLA test ready; at service wherever on the earth for the procedure; people with financial problems please don’t contact! (Tehran)
I am highly experienced in kidney transplantation; ready to give consultation services to both buyers and sellers; contact me! (Tehran)Kidney for sale; blood group AB; 31 yr old; I am in debt and can’t pay for my house renting; please contact (West Azerbaijan)