Observational Study
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World J Transplant. Aug 24, 2017; 7(4): 222-234
Published online Aug 24, 2017. doi: 10.5500/wjt.v7.i4.222
Table 4 Correlation (R) between numbers and ratios of infiltrating immune cells and kidney transplant outcomes
GroupImmune parametervsOutcomeRP value
No rejectionInfiltrating Th17 cellsCreatinine t30.94290.0167
No rejectionInfiltrating Th17 cellsGFR t0-0.85710.0238
No rejectionInfiltrating Th17/TregsGFR t0-0.78570.048
No rejectionInfiltrating Th17 cellsGFR t3-0.94290.0167
No rejectionInfiltrating Th17/TregsGFR t3-0.94290.0167
No rejectionInfiltrating Th17 cellsGFR t6-0.89290.0123
ATCMR-KTxInfiltrating CTL/TregsCreatinine t3-0.66940.0145
ATCMR-KTxInfiltrating Th17 cellsCreatinine t240.64850.049
ATCMR-KTxInfiltrating Th17 cellsCreatinine t300.76190.0368
ATCMR-KTxInfiltrating Th17 cellsGFR t30-0.83330.0154
ATCMR-KTxInfiltrating Th17 cellsProteinuria t120.80950.0218