Guidelines For Clinical Practice
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World J Transplant. Aug 24, 2012; 2(4): 51-68
Published online Aug 24, 2012. doi: 10.5500/wjt.v2.i4.51
Table 6 Food and drug administration indications of immunosuppressive agents
GenericBrandFDA indicationCompany
BasiliximabSimulectPrevention of acute rejection in kidney transplantatationNovartis
Rabbit anti-thymocyte globulinThymoglobulinTreatment of corticosteroid resistant rejection in kidney transplantationGenzyme
AlemtuzumabCampathTreatment of B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemiaBerlex Laboratories
EfaluzimabNo longer FDA approved RaptivaManagement of moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis in adultsGenentech-Merck
AlefaceptAmeviveTreatment of moderate-to-severe chronic plaque psoriasis in adults who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapyAstellas
Tacrolimus prolonged releaseAdvagraf (in Canada)Not FDA approvedAstellas
CyclosporineNeoralPrevention of acute rejection in renal transplant recipientsNovartis
TacrolimusPrografPrevention of acute rejection in renal transplant recipientsAstellas
VoclosporinNot FDA approvedIsotechnika Pharma
EverolimusAfinitor, ZortressTreatment of advanced renal cell cancer (Afinitor®); treatment of subependymal giant cell astrocytom associated with tuberous sclerosis (Afinitor®); treatment of advanced, metastatic or unresectable pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (Afinitor®); prophylaxis of organ rejection in patients at low-moderate immunologic risk receiving renal transplants (Zortress)Novartis
AzathioprineImuranAdjunctive therapy in prevention of rejection of kidney transplants; management of active rheumatoid arthritisGlaxo-Smith-Kline
MMFCellceptProphylaxis of organ rejection concomitantly with cyclosporine and corticosteroids in patients receiving allogeneic renal cardiac, or hepatic transplantsGenentech
Mycophenolate sodiumMyforticProphylaxis of organ rejection concomitantly with cyclosporine and corticosteroids in patients receiving allogeneic renal transplantationNovartis
MizoribineNot FDA approvedAsahi Kasei Pharma
Sotrastaurin, AEB-071Not FDA approvedNovartis
Belatacept, BMS224818NulojixPrevention of acute rejection in renal transplant recipientsBristol-Myers-Squibb
Tolfacitinib, formerly tasocitinib, CP-690550Not FDA approvedPfizer
RituximabRituxanTreatment of CD20-positive non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas; Treatment of moderately- to severely-active rheumatoid arthritis in adult patients with inadequate response to one or more TNF antagonists; Treatment of Wegener’s granulomatosis; Treatment of microscopic polyangiitisGenentech
BortezomibVelcadeTreatment of multiple myeloma; treatment of relapsed or refractory mantle cell lymphomaMillenium Pharmaceuticals
EculizumabSolirisTreatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria to reduce hemolysisAlexion Pharmaceuticals