Basic Study
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World J Pharmacol. Jun 16, 2023; 12(3): 25-34
Published online Jun 16, 2023. doi: 10.5497/wjp.v12.i3.25
Table 1 Chemical bonds of the GluN1A/GluN2B N-methyl-D-Aspartate receptor/Amurensinine complex
Non protonated Amurensinine: Receptor1
Distance (Å)
Bond type
Aromatic ring (A): ARG3474.1π-alky1
Aromatic ring (A): TYR 2874.8π-π T-shaped
Aromatic ring (B): LYS3612.9Hydrogen bond
Aromatic ring (B): LYS3614.8π-alky1
Aromatic ring (B): PRO3605.4π-alky1
C-12: ARG3474.2Alky1
C-12: LEU3495.2Alky1
C-12: TYR2875.1π-alky1
C-22: ASP3483.6Carbon-hydrogen bond
C-9: PHE1463.4Carbon-hydrogen bond
Cycloheptane: LYS3614.8Alky1
Cyclopentane: LYS3613.3Hydrogen bond
Cyclopentane: PRO3605π-alky1
N-1: HIS3593.3Hydrogen bond
O-3: ASP2953.5Hydrogen bond
Protonated Amurensinine: Receptor*Distance (Å)Bond type
Aromatic ring (B): ASP4774.4π-anion
Aromatic ring (B): TRP1665.7Alky1
CH-19: TYR4763.1Carbon-hydrogen bond
Cyclopentane: VAL3904.9π- alky1
NH-1: ASP4772Carbon-hydrogen bond
O1: ASP1653.3Hydrogen bond
Table 2 Chemical bonds in the GLUN1A/GLUN2B N-methyl-D-Aspartate receptor/Ifenprodil complex
Ifenprodil: Receptor1
Distance (Å)
Bond type
Aromatic ring: ARG3933.8π-sigma
Aromatic ring: VAL3904.6Alky1
Aromatic ring: LYS4544.9π- alky1
N-1: TYR1643.5Hydrogen bond
OH-2: THR2552.6Hydrogen bond
OH-1: ASP4772.6Hydrogen bond