Case Report
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World J Clin Infect Dis. Nov 25, 2017; 7(4): 50-57
Published online Nov 25, 2017. doi: 10.5495/wjcid.v7.i4.50
Table 1 Simplified diagnostic criteria for autoimmune hepatitis, adapted from EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: Autoimmune hepatitis, 2015
ANA or ASMA+≥ 1:401
ANA or ASMA+≥ 1:802
ANA or LKM+≥ 1:402
ANA or SLA/LP+Any title2
IgG or gamma globulins> ULN1
> 1.1 × ULN2
Liver biopsyCompatible with AIH1
Typical AIH2
Absence of viral hepatitisNo0
Table 2 Clinical characteristics of the cases reported
Patients reported (n)141131119
Age (min/max) (yr)3849-56424829-6544524323-45
Gender (M/F)M1-3FF1-3FMF1-8
CD4+ cell count (cells/μL) (min/max)216174-357157250200-259269641500253-876
HIV viral load at presentation (min/max) (copies/mL)81000< 50-232734120000No data< 75-8687< 50UD< 1000UD-8
AST (min/max) (IU/L)12045-1861526No data20-500NO DATA343No data13-34
ALT (min/max) (IU/L)27445-16777735512-64126-94019250010-39
cARTZ, L, NelfinavirNo dataF, T, EtravirineR, E, AtazanavirL (2), Z, E (3), F (1), T (1), stavudineT, F, EDidanosine, stavudine, EL,Stavudine, EE (7) F (6) T (8) L (3) N (1) Z (1) L/R (1)
Positive autoantibodies (n) dilsANA 1:320 ASMA 1:40ANA 1:20-40 ASMA(1)ANA: 1:1280 ASMA(-)ANA: 1:80 LKM: 1:320ANA (2) 1:80-640 ASMA (1)ANA 1:160ANA: 1:2560ANA: 1:8000 ASMA: 1: 4000ANA (4), ASMA (6), ALKM (1)
Inmunoglobulin G (g/L)29.25639-202046303050-7500264039Normal16.5-55.2
International AIH group score (min/max)1510-1819No data10-152215No data12-20
TreatmentNo dataPrednisolone (4) Azathioprine (3)PrednisonePrednisolonePrednisolone, AzathioprinePrednisolone, AzathioprinePrednisolonePrednisolone, AzathioprinePrednisolone
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