Basic Study
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World J Clin Infect Dis. May 15, 2020; 10(1): 14-23
Published online May 15, 2020. doi: 10.5495/wjcid.v10.i1.14
Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in the study
DH5a MCRTransformation efficient strainGibco/BRL
MC4100E. coli K-12 strainLinda Kenney
EK227E. coli K-12 strain[53]
EF1007gadE::Km in EK227[54]
EF1083gadE::Km/pPCRScript Amp gadE[33]
NU149Clinical isolate[36]
NU149 gadEΔgadE mutation in NU149This study
NU149 LacZ1ΔlacZ mutation in NU149This study
pUJ9Promoterless lacZ gene, ApR[37]
pPP2-6Single copy plasmid, CmR[38]
pKD4Flp recombinase sites, KmR[40]
pKD46Red recombinase, ApR[40]
pCP20Flp recombinase, ApR[40]
pNK2-29fliC::lacZ on pPP2-6, ApRThis study
pPCRScript Amp gadEgadE on pPCRScript Amp[33]