Clinical Trials Study
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World J Exp Med. May 20, 2015; 5(2): 140-153
Published online May 20, 2015. doi: 10.5493/wjem.v5.i2.140
Figure 5
Figure 5 Myoregeneration kinetics of minced muscle implants without and with mesenchymal stem cells. A: The data represent visual estimates derived from microscopic examination of 2 or 3 desmin-stained sections through the center of fresh (square frame and solid line) and cryopreserved (triangle and broken line) implants. Each point represents the mean with SD of between 2 and 10 (average 4) implants; B: Comparison between visual estimation and electronic calculation of areas of myoregeneration. Thirteen desmin-stained cross sections were analyzed by both visual estimation (plotted on the Y-axis) and with the Interactive Image Measurement program of CELL^F imaging software (plotted on the X-axis). The excellent correlation between the two methods of analysis justifies the choice of the less laborious visual estimation procedure.