Diagnostic Advances
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World J Immunol. Mar 27, 2016; 6(1): 1-8
Published online Mar 27, 2016. doi: 10.5411/wji.v6.i1.1
Table 1 Selected studies evaluating the reverse sequence syphilis screening and European Centre for Disease Prevention and control algorithms in comparison to the traditional algorithm for syphilis testing
Screening methodConfirmatory methodThird methodNo. of samples screened% reactive results in initial screen% of screening results confirmed% of discrepant results confirmed by third methodRef.
EIA/CIARPRTPPA, FTA-ABS1277414.5%49%86%CDC[19]
TPPACIAN/A2412411.4%99%N/ATong et al[28]
TPPARPRCIA2412411.4%76%99%Tong et al[28]
Multiple EIA methodsRPRTPPA/FTA-ABS1168225.6%44%83%CDC et al[26]
CIARPRTPPA, FTA-ABS282614.1%31%89%Hunter et al[21]
EIA/CIARPRTPPA, FTA-ABS1274022.3%39%59%CDC[19]
CIARPRTPPA216232.2%42%78%Park et al[33]
EIARPRTPPA, FTA-ABS, TPHA10370252.0%30%84%Mishra et al[15]
CIARPRTPPA157131.7%82%82%Lee et al[24]