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World J Immunol. Nov 27, 2015; 5(3): 113-130
Published online Nov 27, 2015. doi: 10.5411/wji.v5.i3.113
Table 2 Dendritic cell interactions with extracellular matrix components
Class of componentECM componentDC responsesDC receptorsOverall impact
CollagenSoluble collagen I[74]Murine BMDC upregulated CD86, IL-12, antigen uptakeDDR2Pro-inflammatory
Soluble collagen I[75]Human MDDC increased IL-12p40, TNF-α, IFN-γDDR2Pro-inflammatory
Adsorbed collagen I, II, III[76]Human MDDC increased maturation markers, pro-inflammatory cytokines, allostimulationOSCARPro-inflammatory
Dermal hydrogel (laminin β3, collagen IV, VII)[77]Decreased width of granulation tissue-Skin regeneration, anti-infl.
Adsorbed fibronectin, collagen I, gelatin, Matrigel[78]Murine myeloid DC on Matrigel were less mature (maturation marker, cytokines, morphology)Adhesion complexes (CD29, CD49a-f, CD41, CD51, CD61)Differential effects – Matrigel less inflammatory vs collagen I
Collagen-like motifs in complement C1q[124]Inhibits MDDC differentiation, TLR activity of pDCLAIR-1Anti-inflammatory
GlycoproteinsPre-adsorbed laminin, fibronectin[79]Human MDDC remained immature (maturation marker, high endocytosis)Mannose receptor, DC-SIGNAnti-inflammatory
Modified Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) on fibrillin[80]Murine pDC adherence, TGB-β secretion increased in systemic sclerosis modelIntegrinsPro-fibrotic
ProteoglycansHeparan sulfate[113,119]DC maturation increased (morphology, costimulatory factors, T cell stimulation)TLR4Pro-inflammatory
In GVHD blocking HS with alpha-1-antitrypsin limited alloreactive T cells-Pro-inflammatory
Chondroitin sulfate[121]Impact immunity in CNS pathologies-Pro- and anti-inflammatory
DAMPs[111-113,117,118]Activate DCTLRsPro-infl.
Non-proteoglycan polysaccharidesHyaluronan[82]Increased hylauronan corresponds to decreased murine DC activation-Anti-inflammatory (tumours)
Natural polymer hyaluronic acid[129,130]Decreased DC maturation (maturation markers, cytokines, allostimulation)-Anti-inflammatory
ModulatorsSecreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine[88]Organization of germinal centres in LNs for TH17 by follicular DC--
Thrombospondin-1[89]DC-derived thrombospondin inhibits resolution of inflammationCD47, CD36Anti-inflammatory
EnzymesMatrix metalloproteinases[90]Endogenous MMP-2 prime DC to TH2 (IL-12p70)-TH2 profile
Tissue transglutaminases[151]Influence DC activation (concentration-dependant)-Pro- and anti-inflammatory
Glycosylation modificationsGut mucous[107]Decrease in DC activation by inhibition of NF-κBDectin-1, galectin-3Anti-inflammatory
Tissue matrix in skin thymus, trachea[109]Steady state homeostasisMGL1+ MGL2+Anti-inflammatory