Evidence Review
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World J Clin Pediatr. Jul 9, 2021; 10(4): 48-52
Published online Jul 9, 2021. doi: 10.5409/wjcp.v10.i4.48
Table 1 Studies assessing the use of omalizumab in conjunctivitis as a comorbidity
Ref.Study groupStudy type (level of evidence)InterventionOutcomeResults
Doan et al[13], 20174 patients with severe VKC, asthma, rhinitis and ADNon-controlled, open-label, retrospective case series (Level 4)2 weekly treatment with Omalizumab for range of 16-42 moOcular VAS scale. Bonini grading. ACT score3/4 had improvement in VAS score and Bonini grading. 3/4 had total control
Sánchez and Cardona[18], 20121 patient. 16 years old with severe refractory VKC, asthma, AD and rhinitisCase report (Level 4)2 weekly treatment with Omalizumab for 18 moOcular VAS scale. Objective physician evaluation including cessation of immunosuppressive therapiesOcular VAS improvement. Reduction of red eyes, photophobia and papillae. Cessation of ciclosporin and corticosteroids
de Klerk et al[19], 2013 1 patient. 12 years old with severe refractory VKC, asthma and rhinitisCase report (Level 4)Monthly treatment with Omalizumab for 18 moJuniper’s rhinoconjunctivitis QOL score. Reduction in immunosuppressive ocular therapy Improvement in Juniper’s rhinoconjunctivitis score. Cessation of ciclosporin and olapatadine
Occasi et al[20], 20151 patient. 15 years old boy with asthma, severe VKC and ADCase report (Level 4)2 weekly treatment with Omalizumab for 3 moAchieving asthma control. Resolution of AD and VKC symptomsAsthma control achieved at 3 mo. Resolution of VKC symptoms at 3 mo
Rossberg et al[11], 20202 patients with severe VKC, asthma and ADCase report (Level 4)2 weekly treatment with Omalizumab for 11 mo and 6 moBonini gradingImprovement in Bonini grading
Table 2 Current Indications for prescribing omalizumab
Ref.AgePrevious treatment
NICE[4]> 6 yrOptimised standard treatment with documented compliance
Continuous or 4 or more courses of oral steroids in the previous year
NICE[5]> 12 yrPoor response to standard treatment with H1-antihistamines and leukotriene receptor antagonists
Objective severity score (weekly urticaria activity score) > 28