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World J Stomatol. May 20, 2015; 4(2): 72-80
Published online May 20, 2015. doi: 10.5321/wjs.v4.i2.72
Table 1 Role of conebeam computed tomography for assessment of eruptive and morphological disturbances
Ref.YearEruptive or morphological disturbancesTooth involved
Nakajima et al[20]2005ImpactionMaxillary second bicuspid
Walker et al[12]2005ImpactionCanine
Siraci et al[45]2006Talon cuspFacial and lingual surfaces of a supernumerary primary tooth
Maverna et al[34]2007ImpactionMaxillary canine
Andrade et al[49]2007Root dilacerationMaxillary right central incisor
Liu et al[14]2007Supernumerary teethComplete dentition
Liu et al[32]2008ImpactionMaxillary canines
Haney et al[18]2010ImpactionMaxillary canine
Patel et al[59]2010Dens invaginatusMandibular lateral incisor
Song et al[73]2010FusionRight maxillary first molar and supernumerary tooth
Gurge et al[24]2011ImpactionUpper lateral incisor
Alqerban et al[33]2011ImpactionMaxillary canine
Kaneko et al[60]2011Dens invaginatusMaxillary lateral incisor
Narayana et al[61]2012Dens invaginatusMaxillary right lateral incisor
Vier-Pelisser et al[62]2012Dens invaginatusMaxillary left lateral incisor
Kfir et al[63]2013Dens invaginatusRight maxillary central incisor
Kato[64]2013Dens invaginatusMaxillary lateral incisor
Cantin et al[65]2013ImpactionMesiodens
Oenning et al[30]2014ImpactionThird molar
Mahesh et al[50]2014Root dilacerationPermanent maxillary right central incisor
Table 2 Role of spiral computerized tomography in diagnosis of morphological disturbances of teeth
Ref.Morphological disturbanceTooth involved
Gopikrishna et al[79]Unusual morphology of a single root and a single canalMaxillary first molar
Ballal et al[77]FusionMandibular second molar with a paramolar
Metgud et al[78]Single conical non bifurcated posterior root forms, taurodontism, dens invaginatus, labial lobes of the canines, pyramidal cusps of the premolars, dens evaginatii of the molar crowns, and localized reduction in tooth sizeEntire dentition
Table 3 Magnetic Resonance Imaging in diagnosis of eruptive and morphological dental anomalies of permanent teeth
Ref.Morphological disturbanceTooth involved
Tymofiyeva et al[81]ImpactionEntire dentition
Tymofiyeva et al[83]Mesiodens, gemination, dilacerations, transmigration, transpositionEntire dentition