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World J Stomatol. May 20, 2014; 3(2): 19-24
Published online May 20, 2014. doi: 10.5321/wjs.v3.i2.19
Table 1 Summary of the studies analyzing gingival crevicular fluid composition in apical periodontitis
Ref.Study groupsParametersnResults (P < 0.05)
Dezerega et al[16]AAP and healthy controlsOxidative balanceAAP, n = 10 controls, n = 13Statistically non significant.
AAP pre and post endodontic interventionOxidative balancen = 16Increase in total antioxidant status after the intervention
Garrido Flores et al[47]AAP and healthy controlsTotal protein concentration and TNF-α levelsn = 14Higher TNF-α levels in AAP
Shin et al[11]AP and healthy controlsMMP-8 and substance P levelsn = 35Higher levels of MMP-8 and substance P in AP. P value not reported
AP pre and post endodontic interventionMMP-8 y substance P levelsn = 35Decrease in MMP-8 and substance P after the intervention
Burgener et al[46]AP and healthy controlsTotal protein concentration and IL-1β y DSP levelsn = 40Higher total protein concentration in AP
Belmar et al[17]AAP and healthy controlsMMP-9 and MMP-2 activityn = 20Higher pro-MMP-9 activity in AAP. Active MMP-2 bands detected only in AAP