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World J Otorhinolaryngol. Feb 28, 2016; 6(1): 13-18
Published online Feb 28, 2016. doi: 10.5319/wjo.v6.i1.13
Table 1 The House-Brackmann Scale of facial nerve function (adapted from Ref. [8])
GradeDescriptionGross functionResting appearanceDynamic appearance
2Mild dysfunctionSlight weakness with effort, may have mild synkinesisNormalMild oral and forehead asymmetry; complete eye closure with minimal effort
3Moderate dysfunctionObvious asymmetry with movement, noticeable synkinesis or contractureNormalMild oral asymmetry, complete eye closure with effort, slight forehead movement
4Moderately severe dysfunctionObvious asymmetry, disfiguring asymmetryNormalAsymmetrical mouth, incomplete eye closure, no forehead movement
5Severe dysfunctionBarely perceptible movementAsymmetricSlight oral/nasal movement with effort, incomplete eye closure
6Flaccid paralysisNoneAsymmetricNo movement