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World J Hematol. Aug 6, 2015; 4(3): 16-53
Published online Aug 6, 2015. doi: 10.5315/wjh.v4.i3.16
Figure 18
Figure 18 Clinical case of JAK2/MPL negative and calcireticulin positie essential thrombocythemia who present with aspirin responsive platelet thrombophilia, normal values for hemoglobin. Hematocrit and erythrocytes, platelet count of 1832 × 109/L and slight splenomegaly (16 cm lenght diameter on echogram). Bone marrow histology is hypercellular with relative decrease of erythropoisis, dense cluster of immature megakaryocytes with hypolobulated nuclei consistent, and no increase of reticulin fibrosis consistent with a typical primary megakaryocytic granulocytic myeloproliferation (Table 10) bone marrow.