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World J Clin Oncol. Feb 10, 2016; 7(1): 27-43
Published online Feb 10, 2016. doi: 10.5306/wjco.v7.i1.27
Table 1 Ongoing clinical trials about locoregional treatments in locally advanced pancreatic cancer
CombinationInclusion criteriaStartClinical trial identifier1Expected end of accrual
FOLFIRINOX + SBRTT ≤ 7 cm, non-metastaticNovember 14NCT02292745November 20
RFAUnresectable, also metastaticJune 14NCT02166190June 16
CryoablationBorderline resectable/locally advancedNovember 14NCT02336672November 16
Radioembolizationunresectable/failure of celiac alcholizationNot availableNCT01786850Not available
Irreversible electroporation (PAN.FIRE)T < 5 cm, non-metastaticSeptember 13NCT01939665June 16
Table 2 Available clinical results about multitarget inhibition in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
CombinationMolecular targetsFrequence of mutation1Setting/combinationResults
Everolimus + ErlotinibmTOR + EGFR+, +Phase II, 16 patients, chemo-refractoryNo responses
(Javle 2010)
Bevacizumab + ErlotinibVEGF + EGFR+, +Phase III, 301 patients, plus GEM + ERLONo increase in OS respect GEM+ ERLO
(Van Cutsem 2009)
Cixutumumab + ErlotinibIGF-1R + EGFR+, +Phase Ib/II, 126 patients, plus GEMNo increase in PFS and OS respect GEM + ERLO
(Philip 2014)
Sunitinb (Bergmann 2015)VEGFR + PDGFR+, +Phase II, 106 patients, 1st line, plus GEMNo increase in TTP and OS respect GEM
Table 3 Ongoing clinical trials about multitarget inhibition in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
CombinationTargetFrequence of mutation1SettingClinical trial identifier2Expected end of accrual
DovitinibFGRFR + PDGFR + VEGFR+, +, +Phase II, + GEM and CAPENCT01497392Sep-16
Trastuzumab + ErlotinibEGFR2 + EGFR+, +Phase II, + GEMNCT01204372Apr-15
MEK162 + GanitumabMEK1 + IGF-1R+, +Phase II, multi-disease, chemorefractoryNCT01562899Apr-15
Table 4 Available and ongoing clinical results about drugs targeting mainly stroma in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
CombinationTarget (s)SettingClinical trial identifier1Expected end of accrual
DemcizumabCancer stem cells by DLL4 inhibitionPhase Ib, plus GEM +/- Nab-PNCT01189929Concluded. presented at ASCO 2014: Increase in ORR, cardiovascular toxicity
(Gracian 2014)
Ruxolitinib (Hurwitz 2014)Inflammation by JAK/STAT inhibitionPhase II, 2nd line, plus CAPENCT01423604Concluded. presented at ASCO 2014: Benefit in patients with elevated CRP
PEGPH20HA by Pegylated-hyaluronidasePhase II, 1st line, plus GEMNCT01453153Concluded. presented at ASCO 2013: ORR 33%, especially in patients with high HA expression
(Hingorani 2013)S
‘’‘’Phase II, plus GEM + Nab-PNCT01839487July 16