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World J Clin Oncol. Mar 10, 2011; 2(3): 150-157
Published online Mar 10, 2011. doi: 10.5306/wjco.v2.i3.150
Table 1 Selected clinical trials on targeted agents for advanced/metastatic thyroid carcinomas
TrialPhaseSettingPatientsTargeted agentDCR
Cooney et al[38]IIAdvanced pretreated disease18 with ATCCA4P alone33%
Cohen et al[46]IIAdvanced pretreated disease60 (2 with ATC)Axitinib alone71%
Ha et al[53]IIAdvanced pretreated disease11 with ATCImatinib alone75%
Nagaiah et al[54]IIAdvanced pretreated disease16 with ATCSorafenib alone40%
Table 2 Ongoing clinical trials of targeted therapies for thyroid cancer
Clinicaltrials.gov identifierInvestigational drugPhase studyEligible populationPlanned enrolmentPrimary end pointStatus
NCT00389441AxitinibPhase II, single armRadioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer, regardless of histology52Overall response rateActive, not recruiting
NCT00510640SunitinibPhase II, single armThyroid cancer, regardless of histology66Overall response rateRecruiting
NCT00095836GefitinibPhase II, single armThyroid cancer, regardless of histology38Overall response rateActive, not recruiting
NCT01164176EverolimusPhase II, single armThyroid cancer, regardless of histology32Overall response rateRecruiting
NCT01118065EverolimusPhase II, single armThyroid cancer, regardless of histology42Overall response rateRecruiting
NCT00654238SorafenibPhase II, single armThyroid cancer, regardless of histology55Overall response rateRecruiting
NCT00625846PazopanibPhase II, single armThyroid cancer, regardless of histology188Overall response rateRecruiting
NCT01236547PazopanibPhase II, two armsAnaplastic thyroid cancer99Overall response rateRecruiting
Paclitaxel neoadjuvant, concomitant and adjuvant to radiotherapy with or without pazopanib
NCT00126568SorafenibAnaplastic thyroid cancer36Overall response rateRecruiting
NCT00603941CS7017Phase I/ IIAnaplastic thyroid cancer54Maximum tolerated dose/Overall response rateActive, not recruiting
NCT00115739ImatinibPhase IIAnaplastic thyroid cancer29Overall response rateActive, not recruiting